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Deputy Mayor orders Sub-City officials to issue title deeds to farmers around the city

Deputy Mayor orders Sub-City officials to issue title deeds to farmers around the city

The Deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa City Administration, Takele Uma (Eng.), has told city officials to take immediate action in granting farmers, who possess farming lands in the city’s surrounding area, with a legally binding land title deed.

The order comes after a discussion forum on activities to be carried out pertaining land audit and registration process was held with various officials in the city administration and various stakeholders. The meeting took place inside the Assembly Hall of the House of People’s Representatives (HPR) on Thursday.

During the meeting, the City Administration announced the commencement of Land Audit and Registration Scheme to tackle land grab. Along with Bureau heads in the administration, Takele discussed and responded to various queries raised from stakeholders.

Among the major issues discussed were issues relating to land bank, land grabbing, corruption and the recognition of farmers dwelling in the city’s surroundings and their title deeds.

Takele emphasized about the required effort his administration is undertaking in order to realize urban farming and address its longstanding demands concerning farmers’ title deed, which has been a longstanding issue.

The Deputy Mayor urged Sub-City officials to begin issuing title deeds to farmers as of Monday. Furthermore, he said that he wanted to see each of the respective sub-city official’s announce immediately, the commencement of issuing a title deed.

The city Administration will give the title deeds to lands owned by farmers after they are registered.

According to the Mayor’s Office, the land audit and registration process will be backed by technological advancements in partnership with the Ministry of Innovation and Technology.

The registration of lands owned by farmers will be completed until October 10, 2020.