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Digitization of Justice infrastructure gets new chaperone

Digitization of Justice infrastructure gets new chaperone

A project management office (PMO) is set to be established to look after the implementation as well as the sustainability of USD 14.9 million National Integrated Justice Information System project.

It is to be recalled that a trio of companies: Africom Technologies, ISYX Technologies and ALROWAD IT Solution has signed the contract to undertake the project to digitalize the country’s justice infrastructure— the National Integrated Justice Information System.

During the official launch of the project last week, it was learnt that a project management office will be established under the client, Office of the Attorney General.

Reda Woldeberhan, a representative of Information Network and Security Agency (INSA), told The Reporter that the Project office besides overseeing the whole project may have the chance to be upgraded into an agency.

INSA is hired by the Office of the Attorney General as a consultant of the project. So far, the Agency is involved in the preparation of terms of reference during the bidding of the project. It is also expected to work on the sustainability of the project.

In addition to this, it will also involve in verifying and testing each step of the project till the end.

The winning companies have a contractual agreement to execute the project within 28 months.

The foreign IT firms that specialize in implementing national integrated justice information systems for Middle-east countries will work on most part of the project while Africom will customize the project and the technology to the local context.

The companies have a contractual obligation to work on support, maintenance and training for users and contributors of the project.

Furthermore, once the project is delivered, the PMO will be a center for administering the project.

The three-phase project will enable entities under the Ethiopian judicial umbrella to have an integrated IT system. In this regard, the project will have a national data center.

In the first phase, a revision of the required specification document and developing a number of systems will be completed. Following this, training for users of the project will be conducted.

In the last phase, requirement specification revision, development, user and administrative trainings will be conducted.

A press statement issued by the winning companies stated that “It is imperative to develop a well refined and sustainable justice system that would be of use as a comprehensive and reliable source of information for purposes of efficient delivery of justice service to the citizens from all pillars of judicial departments, legal researches and crime prevention.”

More than ever, the project is expected to address the ever-growing need for statistical data and management information system by the police, prosecutor, courts, correctional institutions and other judicial bodies, reads the project document.

This bid, floated by the Office of the Attorney General, was on hold for almost a year.

The Office opened the financial proposal of bidders on June 28, 2017. At the time, two bidders who passed to the financial stage listed their respective prices.

Accordingly, along with the winning bidder, Asseco Group – a Polish multinational — submitted USD 40 million.

Following the technical evaluation mainly done by experts from INSA, the aforementioned two companies made it to the next level.

The project is fully funded by the Ethiopian government.