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Documenting wildlife

Documenting wildlife

The National Theater hosted a book release by wildlife photographer and filmmaker Aziz Ahmed.

The coffee table book, Wildlife of Ethiopia’s National Parks includes pictures and scientific names of animals found in the various national parks around the country.

In his address at the book launch, Aziz expressed his hope that the book will increase interest and spread awareness about the beautiful national treasures of the country. The impact this book will have in increasing nature tourism in Ethiopia may be sizable. While tourism to Ethiopia is mainly motivated by cultural and historic manmade attractions, nature tourism has yet to be fully explored.

Aziz Ahmed has been traveling through Ethiopian jungles and deserts, documenting birds, herd and wild animals for nearly two decades. Wildlife of Ethiopia’s National Parks includes vividly beautiful pictures of wildlife in their natural habitat.

Aziz also mentioned the importance of preservation and conservation of wildlife, an often neglected and unaddressed issue in Ethiopia. Forests are habitually razed for farming and grazing and animals are hunted or left to rot in ill maintained zoos. It is to be remembered that recently controversy had flared up over the National Zoo at Amist Kilo where zookeepers were neglecting to feed the lions and other resident animals.

The scientific study and citizen documentation of animals through methods such as bird watching by amateur animal enthusiasts can create better understanding among zoologists and botanists about animals and plants indigenous to the country.

Aziz Ahmed’s books will soon be available for sale in various bookstores in Addis Ababa.