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E-ZEMA to reach out to Ethiopian Diaspora in 70 countries

Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice Party (E-ZEMA), a party which was established months ago, is working to build its political network in 70 countries across the globe where Ethiopians live to reach out to the politically active diaspora community, The Reporter has learnt.

During a press conference held on Friday, September 20, 2019, in one of its offices in Addis Ababa, which used to be the office of Ethiopian Democratic Party (EDP), one of the founding members of E-ZEMA, the newly forged political party announced its on-going work to extend the political structure of the party to not less than 70 countries, which thought to be strong-hold of the politically vibrant Ethiopian diaspora community.

The statement issued by the party also noted that since the inauguration, E-ZEMA was able to recruit both supporters and members in about 400 constituencies in the country, and is now working to expand its presence outside the country.

Consequently, the party called on all Ethiopians, who are currently living in different countries across the globe, and who share the basic values of E-ZEMA – which is citizen-centered politics and social justice – to join the party so as to contribute their share to a political, economic and social endeavor of the country.

Moreover, the party also called upon all Ethiopians who have not participated in the politics of the country so far due to personal and other political reasons, and the former supporters and members of political parties that established E-ZEMA to join the party and contribute their share in the overall political, social and economic activities of the country.

E-ZEMA is an outcome of a coalition between seven political parties, both from abroad and Ethiopia, which has taken the step to dissolve their parties and join forces to create a formidable political alternative in the tittering Ethiopian political environment. The seven opposition political parties, which dissolved their legal personalities in a bid to establish a new party, includes Patriotic Ginbot 7 (PG7), Ethiopian Democratic Party (EDP), All Ethiopian Democratic Party (AEDP), Semayawi Party (Blue), New Generation Party (NGP), Gambella Regional Movement (GRM) and former leaders of Unity for Democracy and Justice (UDJ).