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EAF fines Hussein Makke USD 25,000

The Ethiopian Athletics Federation (EAF) has confirmed it has overturned its decision to terminate its agreement with athletes’ representative, Hussein Makke, for allowing banned athletes to participate in races. The EAF has fined Hussein Makke USD 25,000 taking into account his positive contribution to Ethiopian athletics.

It is to be recalled that, in the 2019 IAAF World Athletics Championships in Doha, Qatar, several athletes in the women’s marathon race had suffered from heat exhaustion and were forced to quit the race. In light of the growing concerns over the health and fitness of athletes, the EAF had banned the marathoners from participating in any race for three months.

However, despite the ban, several athletes featured in the New York City marathon race through Elite Sports Management International (ESMI), chaired by Hussein Makke. In this regard, the EAF announced the termination of contract with ESMI who represents several Ethiopian runners in marathon races.

Following the EAF’s decision to terminate, Hussein Makke has submitted his apology letter. Then after, on November 18, 2019, the governing body announced it has decided to overturn its decision to terminate the contract and rather fine USD 25,000.

ESMI represents track and field’s top athletes from around the globe. Ranging from cross country, to marathons, to field events, ESMI athletes compete in over 1000 events a year, ranking top in many of their events. Furthermore, it is linked with several elite and promising Ethiopian long distance athletes like, Ruti Aga, Solomon Barega, Mamitu Deska, Lelisa Desisa, Samuel Tefera, and other elite athletes across the world.