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EAF tournament to conclude on Sunday

EAF tournament to conclude on Sunday

The Ethiopian Athletics Federation (EAF) has held its annual clubs assessment tournament at the Addis Ababa Stadium. Short, middle distance, walking race and field events are among the sports taking place.

The 2018/19 tournament is being conducted at Addis Ababa stadium and is scheduled to conclude on Sunday, December 30, 2018. According to the Federation’s data, the tournament started on December 25th with 23 clubs with 352 male and 259 female participant athletes. The federation also unveiled that it has arranged the tournament in consultation with EAF due to football matches currently going on in the stadium which might cause inconveniences.

Ones hopeful to boast a lot of success in the sporting world especially in athletics, however, these days, its uncertainties and criticisms due to low results have been rampant. The center of these criticisms is being attributed to the athletics federation. Furthermore, the federation also has concerns towards long distance races since hosting countries these days are cancelling the races Ethiopia shines on.

The tournament focuses on short, long distance and field events to cope with what hosting countries are demanding; and to seek potentials in the various sporting field.

Tigray Regional State gives 20 million birr to football clubs

The Tigray Regional State has given a 20 million birr financial assistance to football clubs based on the leagues they are playing in. Among the clubs, Mekele City, Welwalo Adigrat University and Dedebit each received five million birr. The higher league side Axum received three million birr while Soloda Adwa, Walta, Raya Azebo and Water works enterprise football clubs each received 500,000 birr.

Meanwhile, months ago, it is to be recalled that the players of Dedebit stopped training amid financial crisis. The club has been unable to pay regular salaries to its players with  Dedebit’s management staff stating due to the club’s partner organizations failure to keep their promises of financial support, and due to this, the club has encountered a challenge to pay salaries to its player.

They also noted that they are trying their best to find a sustainable solution. Dedebit are under immense pressure recently affecting the clubs performance and teamwork. Dedebit has lost all fixtures and battles the drop to a lower league football.