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EDP, Ra’ey to meet for coalition talks

EDP, Ra’ey to meet for coalition talks

Semayawi contemplates merger offer with PG-7

Following the trends of unification, democratization process, and political participation on a broader arena which is currently being observed in the country, leaders of the Ethiopian Democratic Party (EDP), Semayawi Party and the Ethiopian Ra’ey Party will meet next week to discuss over the possibility of forming a unified or a coalition party, The Reporter has learnt.

Wasihun Tesfaye, Research and Documentation head of EDP told The Reporter that his party is discussing the possibly of merger with Semayawi party and Ethiopian Ra’ey Party. However, according to Wasihun, since the discussion is ongoing, it is not yet known whether they will form a coalition or unity.

Similarly, in February this year, the All Ethiopian Unity Party (AEUP) chairman, Bezabih Demessie (PhD), told The Reporter that his party has started the process to merge with Blue Party as well.

The other notable political group, Semayawi [Blue] party on its own disclosed this week that it is contemplating offering a “coalition” proposal for Patriotic Ginbot-7 (PG-7) upon the return of the latter’s leaders to Ethiopia which is expected to be next month.

During his US tour that began in Washington, PM Abiy who met with over 26 political groups based in the US called on leaders of those foreign groups to come home and take part in local politics and the democratization process.

He, however, urged a multitude of fragmented political parties to come together and get organized and present their views to the public in a peaceful process of democratic discourse.

During his six day trip in the to rally the Ethiopian Diaspora to support ongoing reforms in the country and alleviate the debilitating Forex crunch, PM Abiy has met with the leader of Patriotic Ginbot 7 (PG7), an opposition group that had been previously designated as a terrorist organization.

Abiy, after returning home on Wednesday met with Berhanu Nega at the Watergate Hotel in Washington D.C. It should be recalled that Abiy also met with the co-founder of PG7, Andargachew Tsige, soon after his death sentence was rescinded in May.

PG7, which has since been removed from the list of terrorist organizations by parliament, announced in June that it had suspended armed operations, saying the ongoing reforms had convinced it to return to Ethiopia to pursue a peaceful struggle