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EFF proposes shift to club football format
Awol Abdurahim (Col.)

EFF proposes shift to club football format

In light of recently observed problems in Ethiopian club football, the Ethiopian Football Federation (EFF) has prepared two major proposals that would alter the face of the club football in the country for years to come.

Talking to the local media early this week at a press conference held in its new headquarters, EFF has announced a proposal that would see the establishment of a new share company to be named the Ethiopian Premier League Company, with equal equity contribution of all the 24 clubs and the EFF in tune of 5 million birr (USD 172,413).

The League Company would take away the EFF’s power to administer league competition and generate revenue, receiving strategic leadership from a Board of Directors (composed of seven directors) that would be selected from the shareholders. According to the explanation offered to journalists by EFF’s Vice President Awol Abdurahim (Col.), the proposed league company’s Board of directors would have four major structures under it namely Competition; Marketing and Communications; Trade and Investment; and Finance directorates handling the major functions of the proposed company.

“Managing league competition and improving marketing and investment in the sports would be the two most important tasks the new company will be tasked with,” Awol argued. Apart from that, the company would also work on getting EFF’s project to market leagues competition on TV and generate income form TV rights.

Apart from that, EFF has also made another fundamental proposal to change the Ethiopian Premier League format after 22 years since the current format put into use. The newly proposed format would see the current 16 EPL teams and another eight newly promoted and previously relegated teams, totaling 24 divide into two clusters A and B with equal status, each having twelve teams competing through the year. The two clusters idea is said to be inspired by the rising level of football hooliganism and politically induced conflict between club fans.

And hence, clubs selected to be highly rivalry, either due to existing football rivalry or newly emerged political animosity, will be purposely separated to be in different clusters while the rest would be allotted to the two clusters through pure draw to be held in a general assembly meeting (EFF) scheduled for upcoming.

While concern about destruction of derby competition becoming controversial on local sport media, the EFF leadership is looking to pass both of this two proposal at the upcoming general assembly meeting.