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EIC executive embroiled in social media gaffe  

EIC executive embroiled in social media gaffe  

A heated war-of-words on Twitter between an executive of the Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC) and an activist has resulted in an accusation of a professional misconduct, prompting the head of the commission, Abebe Abebayehu promising to take an immediate action.

"The issue is not about the issue of freedom of speech and I don't have any problems for that. The problem is all of you are talking about freedom that you never knew! So I just advice you to go to Mekelle and prescribe for you, to enjoy the freedom of Weyene," Tassew Negewo, the Director of Export Facilitation Directorate at the commission tweeted.

He repeatedly tweeted messages to those he deemed not a supporter of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) before he blocked his social media access to the public.

“I don't think you are mentally normal to say this, while he's strongly recognized globally as the best leader in the history of Ethiopia! It’s so shame of you that have become sick of your own country's leader [email protected] Back to your mind & stop racism in the 21st century,” he tweeted to an activist, Tseday Mekbib, based in Toronto, Canada.

Tseday, a one-time employee of Tourism Ethiopia was furious and tweeted back writing, "Ato Tassew, maybe you should understand the concept of free speech instead of monitoring my tweets and calling me crazy. I am sick of people like you, who demand others to worship Abiy.”

Abebe Abebayehu offered his personal apologies to Tseday and has promised to take action.

Writing to his 21,000 plus followers, the head of the commission wrote “Dear Tseday, "Sincere apologies for this unfortunate statement made by one of our staff. EIC is more inclusive and very tolerant than that. This statement in no way reflects how we conduct business at the EIC.”

Two days later, he further promised to take a more practical action.

Please be rest assured that no one will be subjected to any abuse or discrimination of any kind at our Commission because of their ethnic affiliation- not on my watch! We will immediately develop a social media engagement guideline and train our staff accordingly,” he tweeted.