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Enemy of my enemy

There are people who become your friend for a particular reason. That reason can be some form of temporary gain, or a favor they would like to get out from you. Until they get what they want, you are the top in the list of their besties. But once they get the gain they expected from you or if they realize that the expected gain cannot be obtained, you realize the true color of the friendship they offered to you. These kinds of friendships come in disguise. Initially, you think that the friendship is for real. But in no time, you realize the truth. And these kinds of friendship are quick to break because they are not built on a solid foundation. When friendships in disguise come your way, you always have this voice at the back of your mind that goes like ‘ that’s strange, how come this person has suddenly decided to become all nice to me and friendly’. This is particularly true if you know beforehand that the two of you do not have characters that would fit to each other. Either because you also expected to get some benefits out of this new unlikely friendship or because you just want to give it a try, you accept to hang out and share activities with this new friend. But in no time, you find yourself being disappointed.

I am no political expert but I am seeing some unlikely “friendships” being formed between opposition political parties that used to be oppositions to each other and to the ruling party. The “friendships” being formed keep reminding of the quote ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’. For me the decisions to form these unlikely “friendships” which you may call coalition, forum, front or whatever political jargon you would like, is solely based on the idea that, if they can form one big party instead of two or more, they are likely to win the elections and kick out the enemy. For me, the “friendship” is likely to last only until the enemy is gone for good. I have the feeling that much thought has not been given on what will happen after the enemy is finally gone. Although I have no hard evidence to support this statement, I still would like to bet that the lives of these newly being formed political “friendships” are very short-lived. And the saddest thing is that people will have to pay their lives when these “friendships” finally break, and there is no party that is able to government this country in a harmonious and unified way. The differences between the parties in the unlikely “friendship” will be reflected as differences between the people of the country, and result in (as we know it) in deadly ways to express those differences.

The new “friendships” are being formed between longstanding political parties that have their own lords and kings, who in my opinion are very much unlikely to give up the top power in the event that the newly formed big party is lucky enough to win the elections. Looking at the leaders of the political parties that are newly joining forces, I always wonder if these leaders are going to be reasonable and humble enough to give up the top political power of Prime Minister if the newly formed party is going to win the elections. I always wonder if these leaders of opposing political parties newly joining forces have the team skills necessary to work together in the long-run. My gut tells me that they do not. But we will have to wait and see for that. But I really hope that a single life will not have to be lost when the “friendship” finally starts to break down!

Contributed by Tsion Taye
Contributed by Tsion Taye