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ENM calls for creation of transitional government

The Ethiopian National Movement (ENM) has called for the establishment of a transitional government that incorporates all political stakeholders of the country, to protect the security of fellow citizens, to ensure the continuation of the nation and for the realization of democratic political system at this critical point in time.

The party expressed its concerns and called for the establishment of a transitional government in a press conference held at its headquarters on Friday, November 12, 2019. Apart from this, the party also blamed the government for its failure to protect its citizens from the barbaric attacks of vigilant groups.

“The government is not fulfilling its basic responsibility, which is protecting the basic right of citizens, the right to live, and hence, it is difficult for us to say there is a government in this country. That is why we are calling for the establishment of a transitional government,” the Chairman of the party, Yilikal Getnet, replied to the question directed by The Reporter: what is the rationale behind calling for the establishment of a transitional government?  

The chairman went further to reinforce his argument and said that currently, the government is not able to avoid problems before they appear, to control easily once they occur and to bring the perpetrators before the court of justice. Therefore, a transitional government should be put in place swiftly, the chairman emphasized.

Moreover, the party also requested for the postponement of the general election scheduled to be conducted next year, referring to the pressing political situations of the country and focus on building and strengthening institutions, the chairman highlighted.

“If we fail to arrive at a middle ground to establish a transitional government that can accommodate all stakeholders of the country, the existing problems would be intensified and their extent of destruction will increase and may cause the disintegration of the nation,” the party warned.  

Finally, the party called on all political forces and stakeholders to contribute their share, in an effort to alleviate the existing danger paused on the continuation of the country and the relaxation of a democratic political system.