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ESDP expresses concern over lack of peace, stability across the nation

ESDP expresses concern over lack of peace, stability across the nation

The Ethiopian Social Democratic Party (ESDP) has expressed its concerns over the ongoing activities of different politicians and activists undermining the longstanding culture of the country, of living together harmoniously. Moreover, the silence of the government, regarding the matter, is also worrisome; the party lamented.

In a press briefing held on Wednesday, October 24, 2019, the party addressed numerous issues regarding the current political affairs of the country, the haggle between member parties of the ruling Front and its effect on the national politics and other related issues.

Leaders of the party, during the briefing, also stated that, “Currently, public opinion seems to be oppressed and the tendencies of a dictatorship are evident in some of the officials of the government. Hence, we request the government to rectify such sentiments and attitudes swiftly.”

Apart from this, the party accused the government by saying that the cadres of the ruling party still control the politics and violates the basic human rights of the citizens. The justification, the party provided for such accusations, is the recently ratified proclamation which is expected to govern the election and the affairs of the political parties of the country.

The party echoed that the new proclamation is stiffer than the previous one because it requires all parties to reregister, the exaggerated required petitions to establish a political party, and forcing government employees to leave their jobs, if they aspire to run for election and so on. Therefore, the party requested the government to amend the new proclamation.

“If we conduct the upcoming general election without addressing such demands and questions, its damage would outweigh the benefit. So, the government should prepare itself for real discussions over the matter,” the party warned.

Furthermore, the party said that since the existing constitution is the law of the land; it called up on the different political parties, irregular groups and activists to respect the constitution and coordinate their different activities, within the context of the constitution.

Therefore, the party requests the government to take all the necessary measures to rectify its wrongdoings and address the questions of the public according to democratic standards and values. In addition, it further calls every groups and individuals to refrain from fueling the current instability and demanded that the government take necessary legal measure on those perpetrators.