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Ethio-American goes missing in Atlanta
Tesfa Gebru, missing since December 9th

Ethio-American goes missing in Atlanta

An Ethiopian American, Tesfa Gebru, a father of four has reportedly gone missing in Atlanta, US, with little clues to his whereabouts and wellbeing. The 40-something year old has been missing since December 9th leaving his wife, his four children and the tight Ethiopian community in Atlanta in distress.

His wife reportedly called the police when her husband, the father of a 12, 10, 6 and a 2 year old, did not come home as expected after work, but Atlanta Police waited 24 hours to officially place him as a missing person, kick starting an effort to find him.

Unfortunately, bad things sometimes do happen to a beautiful family we know up-close and personal. Tesfu & Mekede are caring, loving, humble and a selfless family who has done so much for the Church & the community. The family needs our help and pray to the Lord to protect them, guide them through these difficult times, and return our brother Tesfu home to his loving wife & beloved children,” Samuel Wodajo wrote on a GoFundMe page with a target of raising USD 15,000. Until press time, he has managed to raise just over USD 5,000.

Tesfu has been a resident in the US since 1999 and is a naturalized American citizen and was said to be the breadwinner of the family.

According to media reports, “Police have established that his credit card was used at a gas station on Monday, but there was no video footage in the gas station, and hence unclear to tell if it was him or not.”

This is not the first time an Ethiopian has been missing in Atlanta. In 2010, Negero Debero disappeared and was found days later in the bushes naked and with little clue as to what happened to him. And in 2015, three children also went missing while the parents allowed them to play outside and were later found safe in a neighbors unit.

As of press time, Tesfu had not been located.