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Ethiopia urges for protection to its embassies

The Government of Ethiopia through its State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Redwan Hussein has expressed Ethiopia’s dismay towards the destruction of its embassies across a number of European nations, including in London and in Berlin.

The Minister exchanged words with Heiko Nitzschike, Charge D’affaires of the Germany Embassy in Addis Ababa, and expressed his government’s disappointment on the lack of protection afforded to its embassy.

This came about after the embassy was attacked and overpowered by supporters of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) and has sustained visible damage to its property.

According to a statement from Redwan, who is a former ambassador to Ireland and Eritrea and a senior government minister, while the government recognizes the rights of people to protest, but the attack of the embassies directly “Impedes the daily business of the embassy.”

There continues to be a growing protest against the Ethiopian government, more specifically linked to the imprisonment of the controversial opposition leader, Jawar Mohammed in major cities around the world, including in Ottawa, Washington DC and major European capitals.

This contradicts the welcome afforded to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) when he visited some of the major cities, as a call for the Diaspora to join in the development of the nation, including investing in the country. However, his record support quickly waned, as the national election was postponed and ethnic violence became an increasing issue across the nation.

Last month, the London embassy was also attacked and the official Ethiopian flag was replaced by one hoisted by OLF supporters.

In addition, a later has been forwarded to Tibor P. Nagy Jr. the Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs and one-time American ambassador to Ethiopia, pushing him to pressure the Ethiopian government to release Jawar.

 “We urge the State Department to take all appropriate actions to ensure that they are treated humanely and assist them in protecting and exercising their full legal rights,” the letter read.