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Ethiopian referee to officiate FIFA U-20 World Cup

Ethiopian international referee Bamlak Tessema has been selected to officiate at the FIFA U-20 World Cup which is scheduled to be held in Poland from May 23 to June 25 2019.  The FIFA referees committee has selected 27 referees, 42 assistants and 21 video assistants for VAR technology.

The FIFA U-20 World Cup match officials’ capacity building preparation will focus on the wide range of topics, such as their reading of the game and football understanding, teamwork and the importance of obtaining the best position or angle.  According to FIFA requirements, the referees should be at the right place at the right time to make the correct decision.

The FIFA referees committee has underlined that all the mentioned aspects reflect the FIFA refereeing philosophy which are key to officials’ performance. These aspects are vital in order to achieve consistency at high-level of the game.

The VAR technology is also expected to play a supporting role along with the assistant referees and the fourth officials. However, the referee will continue to take the first as well as the final decision on the final field of play.  

Weeks ago Bamlak Tessema has also been selected to attend a pre-selection course in Morocco as part of African Cup of Nations (AFCON), which has been scheduled to be held in Egypt.

Bamlak has been chosen to officiate at the FIFA U-20 World Cup alongside Egyptian referee Gahid Girsha and Gambian referee Bakari Gassama.

It has been noted that three international arbiters and seven assistant arbiters have been selected from Africa to take participate in the U-20 tournament. After the U-20 tournament, Bamlak is also going to officiate th African Cup of Nations which is going to be held in Egypt.

Ethiopian international referee Bamlak has been an assistant official at the FIFA 2018 world cup which was hosted in Russia.