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Ethiopian Skylight Hotel acquires five-star rating
Ethiopian Skylight Hotel

Ethiopian Skylight Hotel acquires five-star rating

To build lodges in the regions

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism on Thursday granted a five-star rating to Ethiopian Skylight Hotel.

The Minister of Culture Hirut Kassaw (PhD), conferred the five-star rating certificate to Kagnew Asfaw, vice president Ethiopian Holidays and Digital Sales at a ceremony held at Ethiopian Skylight Hotel. Hirut said that the ministry used to work with the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in hotel star rating in Ethiopia. “We benefited by working with the UNWTO in building our local capacity. We trained our professionals in hotel classification and star rating. Now for the first time we did the star rating by our professionals,” Hirut said.

Hirut said that Ethiopia has a vast natural resource, ancient history and rich history that attracts tourists. “The problem we had was with our hospitality industry. We did not have adequate hotel that renders global standard services. That now has changed. We have modern hotels that caters global standard hotels,” she said.

The minister said that Ethiopian hotel owners are building their capacity and adopting international hotel service standards and working procedures. “I would like to commend investors engaged in the hospitality industry that are striving to offer global standard hotel services,” she said.

In the 2011 Ethiopian fiscal year the Ministry of Culture and Tourism star rated 87 new hotels. In Addition to Ethiopian Skylight Hotel the ministry granted certificates to Belinot Hotel (one star), Tewodros Belay International Hotel (Tow star) and Denver Hotel (Two star).

There are more than 400 star rated hotels in Ethiopia. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism rated 365 hotels three years ago. Last year the ministry rated 87 hotels. 

Tewodros Derbew, tourism services certification and standardization director, said that Ethiopian Skylight Hotel which opened its door in January 2019 has been working on developing its capacity in terms of human resource and excelling in service delivery. “Ethiopian Skylight Hotel is one of the luxuries Hotels we have Ethiopia,” Tewodros.

According to Tewodros star rating instills healthy competition among the hotels and helps them improve their facilities and services.

Essayas Woldemariam, chief commercial officer, said that Ethiopian Skylight Hotel was catering its customers with global standard service. The hotel that lies on 40,000 sq.m of land near the Addis Ababa Bole international airport has 373 guest rooms, continental, Chinese and Ethiopian Cultural restaurants. Of the total 373 guest rooms 27 of them are presidential suites. The luxury hotel has a large outdoor swimming pool, pool bar, fitness and health center and spacious grand ball room that can accommodate 2000 people at a time. Ethiopian invested 65 million dollars on the hotel.

Ethiopian commenced construction work on the second hotel which will have 627 guest rooms with an investment of 150 million dollars. The two hotels will have 1000 guest rooms in total.

Essayas said Ethiopian is planning to build lodges in Eretalle, in the Far region, where is an active volcano and the in the Bale Mountains. “We will build lodges in the regional states where there is limited private sector investment,” Essayas said.

Ethiopian new growth strategy Vision 2035 anticipates to bring 15 million tourists by end of 2035. “We are planning to increase the tourist flow by one million each year,” Essayas said. “Ethiopian Airlines has been promoting Ethiopia all over the world in the past 74 years,” he added.  

At the moment Ethiopia receives more than 1.2 million tourists generating more than 2.8 billion dollars per annum.