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Ethiopian woman attacked with sulfuric acid
Selamawit Tefera

Ethiopian woman attacked with sulfuric acid

A former Ethiopian Airlines hostess, who moved to the United States two years ago, is in critical condition as an assailant made an attempt on her life by throwing sulfuric acid on her.

Selamawit Tefera is said to be in critical condition with severe burns on most of her body that was caused as a result of a heated argument with her roommate at an affordable boarding house she shared with Bekre Abdela, a 28-year old man believed to hail from the East African region. The victim was said to have been found as she run for cover, screaming for help and the local police found her with second and third degree burns.

Selam worked for low-paying service jobs around the DC area since her arrival, mostly at Ethiopian restaurants and at the time of the incident, worked at the local supermarket, Whole Foods.

The accused, who is said to be a loner, possibly mentally troubled as described by his neighbors disappeared and was apprehended few days later. According to the police, he has confessed.  

The Ethiopian community in the Washington DC area has set up a fundraiser for the 38 year old.

“Last week a family friend and member of our community, Selamawit was attacked by her roommate “She was able to escape and was transported to a hospital where she was placed in a medically induced com. She still remains in critical condition and will have an extremely long and difficult road ahead of her,” Azmara Dejene, a family friend and the initiator of the public fundraiser, said. “We are hoping to be able to make the road to recovery a little bit easier by lessening the financial burden that will be placed on her.”

With the goal of netting USD 50,000, it has (as of The Reporter’s deadline on Friday) netted just over USD 33,000.

We appreciate any and all contributions to help during this difficult time in her life”, Azmara added.