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Ethiopian women awaits capital punishment, draws international attention

Nazrawit Abera, the 27 year old Ethiopian citizen imprisoned in China and facing a possible death sentence over a drug offense is gaining the attention of leading and influential players within the Government of Ethiopia, as well as the international media.

Since her story appeared on The Reporter, her issue has been covered by BBC Africa, the Voice of America, the Daily Mail newspaper in the United Kingdom; and officials within the Government of Ethiopia have promised to advocate for her case and see her released. Diaspora activists have also started a petition to help save the life of the Civil Engineer.

Her family members contend that she became an accomplice to a crime by a childhood friend who had asked her to accompany her on a trip to China. The friend eventually was said to have canceled at the last minute and pressured her to go ahead without her. She was said to transport a made-in-Brazil shampoo bottles for her and which would later be discovered containing drugs.

Within days of starting a petition by a childhood friend, EromWalelgn, calling for her release, has gained the attention of more than 10,000 signatories and the attention of Abebe Abebayehu, head of the Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC).

Abebe confirmed to The Reporter that he had flagged her case to the Ethiopian Ambassador to China for his immediate attention and advocacy during his recent business trip to the country.