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Ethiopians, Germans collaborate to create ARADA

Ethiopians, Germans collaborate to create ARADA

Enter Africa, the creative African Network, has launched a location-based-game named “ARADA - THE QUEST FOR OMNISCIENCE,” on Thursday, June 21, 2019 at Goethe-Institute Addis Ababa.

A project by the Goethe- Institute “ARADA” is part of Enter Africa involving game designers and gamification experts from Germany and Ethiopia.

Dagmawi Bedilu, a software engineer and Game design Lead told The Reporter that the game was started three years ago, with an aim to build a new gaming experience which came-up with the name “ARADA”.

“Regarding the game, “ARADA” is defined as a mindset, a state of awakening, a state of omniscience, and an underground community. So, while playing the game, the player is not one character but tries to become omniscient which can only be achieved by combining the values and powers of different communities and generations represented by individual characters which we call it the ARADA experience,” Dagmawi said, adding “When you are playing the game you go around the city and you will be in the shoe of 13 characters so that players can only solve tasks by combining the strengths of the individual characters. Thus, the purpose of life, under the Arada Order, is to explore as many identities as possible in one's lifetime.”

The game, which can be found on both the App Store and Google Play, involves two phases. First, the player engages with the city and goes to different locations to collect characters, each of which has a different special ability and in the second step; one has to solve tasks in five different sub-stories. A special feature of the game is the possibility to trade characters.

“If one does not want to play the game using a mobile phone, there are card games, print and play games so that everyone can enjoy it,” Dagmawi explained.

The message of Arada is to embrace differences and working together is the only way of becoming omniscient - which is not only relevant for Ethiopia but anywhere in the world.

Enter Africa which was founded in 2018, is a creative African network represented in 15 African countries which offers creative talents a platform to connect, showcase their work, network and interact. It offers investors a connection to African creators, customized insights about the African gaming market, and navigation support to deliver value.

 It further offers cultural and social organizations access to credible cross-cultural and pan-African networks to realize social and cultural aims on the ground through a participatory approach.