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Ethiopia’s Great Run going International

Ethiopia’s Great Run going International

Famous Ethiopian Olympian and entrepreneur, Haile Gerbreselassie is teaming up with AyesheshimTeka, an Ethiopian hotelier in South Sudan,to launch the Great South Sudanese Run, as an extension of the Ethiopian Run.

Using his fame and networking skills, Haile is to help highlight peace and stability within Africa’s newest nation, which has been experiencing a slew of challenges, including war, poverty and an unstable government. The one day event, is to host a national dialogue on nation building, a peace prayer and a charitable effort, Fundraising for Famine and Poverty Fighting,” as a way to highlight the humanitarian needs of the country facing a devastating man-made famine and chronic poverty.

Ayesheshim is a noted businessman in South Sudan, owning one of the famous hotels in Juba, Dembesh Hotel.

Like the Addis Ababa event, it is expected to host thousands of runners, locally and from around the world and is to be an annual event. The Ethiopian Great Run, started in 2000, happens every November and is set to celebrate its 20th year next year. Started as a 10 KM road race running, it has been emulated in many nations around the continent, as well as within Ethiopia, in particular, in Hawassa and has approximately about 45,000 participants.

Many elite athletes are known to take part looking to take an inspiration from one of the famous Ethiopian athletes in the world: Haile, now involved in the hospitality, real-estate and automotive business within Ethiopia. Hailehas used his voice for a slew of issues, including on national reconciliations.

Among its sponsors, among others, are Plan International, the European Union and TOTAL.

The Reporter reached out to Haile in Juba for comment, but as of press time, there was no reply.