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Ethiopia’s hope lies in the hands of its children!

Ethiopia’s hope lies in the hands of its children!

The proud owner of great legacies Ethiopia overcame the raft of testing challenges that came its way throughout its history thanks to its sons and daughters. Its children played a pivotal role in thwarting the evil designs of aggressors and expansionists as well as in internal conflicts and wars that shaped its destiny. However much it was fraught with all sorts of problems, they did not allow foreign actors to interfere in the political dynamicsof the country. Regardless of the extent of the divisions on various issues and the tyranny that made life an ordeal for the masses, citizens from all walks of life have always been dead serious when it comes to defending the nation’s sovereignty. It’s incumbent on the present generation to realize that the nation’s hopes lies in its hands and that as such it must never compromise its vital interests.

Ethiopia’s history bears testimony to the fact that the conflicts between forces lusting for power are to blame for the poverty, backwardness and oppression Ethiopians have lived under for centuries. Without having to go back long a cursory examination of the period after the ZemeneMesafint (Era of Princes) came to an end in the second half of the 19th century leads to the conclusion that the transfer of political power has been marked by upheaval. Although Ethiopia occasionally had strong governments, it has been racked by one problem after another as a result of the flawed nation-building process it underwent. The change of government in recent memory namely the ouster by the military Dergue regime of Emperor Haile-Selassie in the 1974 revolution and the overthrow of the Dergue at the hands of the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) in May 1991 were both bloody. Thoughthe infighting within the EPRDF that came to a head just under a year ago was viewed with trepidation by many, a new leadership has emerged that is steering the country on a new path. This said thousands have died and suffered both physical and psychological trauma while millions have been displaced in skirmishes which have erupted all over the country since then. Ethiopians need to act as one to nip these atrocities in the bud for Ethiopia’s hope lies in their hands.

The efforts underway by traditional leaders and elders to put a stop to needless skirmishes that have led to the death of innocent civilians in the Oromia regional state are reportedly bearing fruit. Given nobody benefits from death and destruction these efforts have be ramped up. The death and displacement ongoing in the Amhara regional state as well got to be halted immediately. In particular elements directly or indirectly involved in instigating atrocities must be brought to justice. Moreover, local elders and religious leaders have to act in unison with communities in seeking a lasting solution. This includes, among others, enlightening naïve individuals doing the bidding of merchants of violence. On their part, law enforcement and security officials ought to bear in mind that they owe the public the obligation to take lawful measures against elements bent on inciting deadly inter-communal conflicts. Anything short of that is a dereliction of duty. Above all though Ethiopians from all corners of the country shoulder the responsibility of upholding law and order; they have to demonstrate solidarity for compatriots and deem any attack on fellow citizens as an attack on them.

Ethiopia has boundless opportunities before it. It would be criminal to squander them. First, priority should be given to ensuring durable peace. If the government is to discharge its duties in a transparent and accountable manner it’s of the essence to put in place a stable political environment. When peace becomes a scarce commodity the government tends to violate the checks on its power. Similarly forces aspiring to assume government power one way or the other exploit any gap to instigate turmoil. The ensuing anarchy may well beget a state collapse. Second, unless top priority is accorded to youth employment creation the country is bound to descend into mayhem and destruction. The stagnating economy needs to be revitalized so as to breathe a new life into trade and investment. This would enable the youth to become productive citizens and accelerate the country’s growth. Ignoring the problem constitutes a perilous risk for the nation. Third, the justice system has to awaken from its torpor. If the independence of judiciary is not upheld promptly in order to guarantee equal access to justice, it will be ominous for everyone. Citizens are still crying out for justice. Fourth, the task of reorganizing democratic and civil society institutions anew with the goal of assuring their operational independence must begin immediately. The job assumes even greater urgency given the next general elections in 2020 are just around the corner. It’s only when these institutions have the freedom to carry out the tasks entrusted to them with impartiality that the elections can meet international standards. Fifth, everything must be done to demonstrate in deeds that the defence and security forces are free from any partisanship to any political organization in protecting the sovereignty of the nation. Ethiopia. It’s impossible to speak of the rule of law without ascertaining their neutrality. These five areas represent hopes and opportunities that Ethiopians must strive to fulfill.

As Ethiopia’s hope lies in the hands of its children all Ethiopians who are invested in the country’s fate should stand united to safeguard its peace, democracy, development and reputation. Notwithstanding the proliferation of diverse ideologies and interests it’s unacceptable and indeed illegal to foment political unrest as a shortcut to assuming power. What unites Ethiopians living in the four corners of the country as well as abroad is greater than what divides them. As such it’s imperative that they come together in building a democratic nation free of the yoke of poverty and backwardness. Blessed to have a nation that has inspired fellow Africans in their quest for freedom the onus is on Ethiopians to abandon the politics of “us” versus “them”. If they ignore the squabbling of pseudo-politicians and concentrate on exploiting the country’s potential to the fullest for the benefit of everyone, there is no reason why Ethiopia cannot be restored to its former glory and become Africa’s shining beacon. That’s why Ethiopia’s hope lies in the hands of its children!