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Ethiopia’s rights will only be respected by standing together

Ethiopia’s rights will only be respected by standing together

It is safe to say citizens who follow the current affairs of the country understand that Ethiopia, in trying to ascertain its benefits, is surrounded by plenty of challenges. To say the least, it is known that the negotiations with Egypt over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) has proved to be difficult and challenging.

In this crucial period, the challenges will continue to become even more challenging if we fail to unite the people of Ethiopia and stand together. If the challenges cannot be eased, then it would lead to abdicating Ethiopia’s benefits. The country demands strong discussions and dialogue for the disquieting situation it is in. Created by political elites’ infighting, a never-seen-before divisions are being formed. With these divisions and differences widening, the country’s integrity comes into question let alone protect and make sure the country’s benefits are respected.   

Even though there are those who work day and night to protect the country’s benefits for love of country; there are those who, in any chance they get, incite the people and create more enemies. Same goes for those who are like ostriches burying their heads in the sand, carelessly wanting to be invisible.

What is advantageous now is putting our differences aside and working together for the benefit of Ethiopia. In order to take Ethiopia out of poverty, her children must be strong workers. This strength can only exist when we separate from personal or group desires and be able to stand together for Ethiopia.

Ethiopia must be a country where there are strengthened political, economic, diplomatic and military sectors. And for these, the country needs capable Ethiopians skilled in different sectors. The equitable use of trans-boundary Rivers, developing unused vast agricultural lands, mining rare earth materials etc. need peace. This peace will only be realized when Ethiopians, in one voice, make certain they stand together. Due to the building of the renaissance dams, Ethiopian negotiators, while taking on a responsibility head on, other Ethiopian compatriots must support them by contributing useful ideas. These compatriots are negotiating through extraordinary pressures because it is thought they will protect the benefits of the country. Hence, at most, it must be the responsibility and duties of every citizen to refrain from criticizing and nitpicking. It is the duty of a citizen to expose those people who sellout the benefits of the country by giving concrete information. It is not a mystery on who will benefit, when children of Ethiopia are divided and clashing with each other, for both consequential and inconsequential matters. This period needs a high degree of patience, thoughtfulness and craft.  It is through this way that Ethiopia’s benefits are respected.

The government has the utmost responsibility to protect Ethiopia’s benefits. Among the many responsibilities it has, one is by protecting the country’s sovereignty, confirming its security and benefits. To implement this mission, it needs to clean its institutional framework from top to bottom and take the necessary measures on those who conspire against Ethiopia’s benefits. It is the duty of the country to eradicate actions contrary to the desires of the people of Ethiopia, be it in the negotiations on GERD or on other national benefits. Those people who disrupt Ethiopia’s and the peoples’ peace and togetherness must be held accountable by law. Lawful steps should be taken against those who conspire against Ethiopia’s benefits. The government needs to take counter-measures against those actions that go against the country’s sovereignty by controlling its land and air entry and exit points. By separating those individuals or groups who pose a danger to Ethiopia’s national security and benefits, and making sure the rule of law is followed, will always be its undying duty.  

The government has the responsibility and duty to avail to the people, information, expert opinions, and answers to questions on the GERD negotiations that need explanations, so that the people have a full understanding of the negotiations taking place. The Governments stand should also be known clearly. When we can do these, we can gather Ethiopians for one common cause.

Before anything else, all political parties, social, civic, educational institutions, houses of faith and different societal organizations need to first focus on acts that further promote and put the country’s benefits first. More than before, in the face of foreign powers widening influence and pressure, Ethiopians do not have a choice other than to reconcile their differences and stand together. If Ethiopians are occupied by senseless differences, in the face of ill willed forces that want to make Ethiopia a sacrificial lamb, and want to benefit themselves, the scars will be left for generations to come.

If we cannot stand together and address the regrets created by different wasted opportunities of previous periods, we cannot withstand future challenges. Walking back and forth on a wrong path has only yielded in destroying each other, hatred, and vengefulness. It is because of these reasons that Ethiopia, for ages, has been a resident in poverty and is made an example of backwardness. What is advantageous is being respected by standing together resolute. Other than this, the disgrace will continue.

The year we are in is expected to hold elections. It is difficult to hold elections even in a country where peace prevails, let alone hold one in the absence of peace and calm. Compatriots, who say they think only of their country, need to also help in the election that is going to plant the cornerstone for democracy, by finding ways to reconcile every ones opinion in a peaceful and legal way. There can only be peaceful political contests when all stakeholders see too their responsibilities, and the election process goes peacefully.

If Ethiopia, for the first time in its history, is to hold elections that meet international standards, it is necessary to recognize differences, in order to contest with each other by creating a political dialogue together. Rigidity, unlawful acts, and forcefulness are against democracy not for. Contestants, in order to be judged by the people, must be found having done their homework, in accordance with the rules of politics.

Ethiopians are fed up with dictators. Ethiopia is finding it hard to let of the shackles of poverty because it is a playground for dictators. The Ethiopian people do not want to be gambled on. These people, who have high respect and love for their country, want to see reap their benefits. The only solution for Ethiopia is standing together.

We can put aside our differences and stand together for Ethiopia’s benefit.