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EU targets creative arts in Africa

EU targets creative arts in Africa

Believing culture is an important frontier to support, the European Union’s(EU) Delegation to the African Union (AU) has organizedmusic collaborations with a dozen artists from 10 different nationalities of both continents.

Named 'MAISHA – Afro-European Music Experiment,' the two week music residency (starting from April 25 - May 9)taking place at the Zoma Museum has brought together well known musicians such as Maryll Abbas from France, CherifSoumano of Mali and Samuel Yirga of Ethiopia. The musicians attended a workshop in music schools in the city on Friday, May 3 and will record a long playing record (LP) with the resulting music tracks they have co-created.  

The music experiment will end with a free public concert at the National Theatre on Thursday, May 9. As part of this initiative, supported by other sponsors, the EU Delegation to the AU is also undertaking a partial refurbishment work at the Theatre.  

“If culture was a market, it would be a worthwhile investment to buy stocks in Africa,” said RanieriSabatucci, the EU ambassador to the AU.“Creative arts are the next booming sector in Africa.”

As part of the culture-related activities the EU is carrying out, there is also going to be a day of networking for creative participants in Addis Ababa dubbed‘Creatives Connect’. European and African professionals in the sector will be giving talks, sharing their experiences to local talents in the field to cultivate potential partnerships for future projects. Among the invited speakers are film director of Difret, and co-owner of Kana TV, ZeresenayMehari and sculptor NynkeKoster from The Netherlands. Directors of art networks L’AfriqueC’est Chic and Art Directors Club of Europe (ADCE) will also be present at the workshop.

“This experiment is a clear demonstration of art being a bridge between different cultures. It is my hope that MAISHA will inspire more partnerships between Europe’s and Africa’s creative industries,” the ambassador added.