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European film week

European film week

European Film Festival officially began this Thursday at Vamdas Entertainment. The festival has been creating cultural exchange between Europe and Ethiopia for many years.

This year’s festival will host 20 films from France, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Denmark, Turkey, Slovakia, Portugal and many other countries. Held between on two consecutive weekends (between November 1-4 and 9 – 11), the festival is bound to attract more film buffs.

The festival kicked off with the 2017 French film Le Brio, directed by Yvan Attal. Le Brio tells the story of a French law professor who begins mentoring an Albanian student following a bigoted outburst targeting the student.

The festival will also include one Ethiopian film ‘The Road to Zion’ directed by Benyam Worku. The Road to Zion is a story of a young man’s travel back to Ethiopia to find his family roots. The film spans over 50 years of Ethiopian history and has touches of the Rastafarian movement with Ethiopia depicted as the ‘promise land’.

Ougaga Girls is another film chosen as a link between the European Union and African Union. Both films were shown on Friday November 2.

All the films will be shown at Vamdas Cinema, in contrast to previous years where the festival traveled around the city’s various cinemas and cultural institutions.