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Ezema fears nationwide crisis’ effect on election
Berhanu Nega (Prof)

Ezema fears nationwide crisis’ effect on election

Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice (Ezema), one of the opposition parties in the country, has expressed its concern over the ongoing crisis witnessed across the country, and failure to take all necessary measures might adversely affect the upcoming general election scheduled for August 2020.

The party expressed its concerns in a message delivered to all Ethiopians on Wednesday February 26, 2020 by its leader Berhanu Nega (Prof). Apart raising its concerns, the leader also accused the government for its failures to have a clear redline between party and government territories.

In this regard, Berhanu in his lengthy message said: “The current activity across different parts of the country, which is aimed at raising some funds for the ruling party, will narrow the playing field and make elections fair. The government should be cautious in tackling wrongdoings such as corruption, since it might revive after the elections.”

 The party further called upon the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE), to follow such incidents that adversely affect the process of conducting a free, fair, and ad credible election and take all the necessary measures to rectify such wrongdoings before it is too late and the country enters into chaos postelection due to lack of fairness, the party warned.

In addition, Birhanu emphasized the importance of peace and security. However, he also outlined different incidents to signify peace and security are scarce in the country. “Obtaining different news about the killing and abduction of students, burning of churches and mosques, robbery of banks, closure of roads, looting or destruction of properties is becoming the new normal,” the leader said.

Therefore, majority of the public is in a worrisome situation where only contemplating about issues such as, what would happen next? Where does our nation heading to? If the do we have a chance to survive as a nation if thing continue? These types of questions are points of worry for all of us, and require a timely response for both actors in the political playing field.

Subsequently, the leader of the party called upon all political forces to focus on prioritizing the issue of saving the nation by.  Therefore, the party warned all political forces failure to stand together to avert such dangers, endangers the existence of the country.

In this regard, apart from calling on political forces, the party further called upon the youth, members of the academician, members of the business community, security forces, parties that had signed the covenant, the diaspora and the government, to work together to curb the imminent dangers posed and prioritize the country before everything else.