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EZEMA points finger at gov’t for death of its member

EZEMA points finger at gov’t for death of its member

The Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice party a.k.a. EZEMA accused the government of killing of its active member Girma Moges Legesse, a day before election campaign kicked-off.

The chairman of the party’s Oromia Regional State branch Bishoftu City, Adde’a Wereda, Kebele 1, was shot dead on Sunday, February 14, 2021, on his way back home.

Chairman, Deputy Leader and Secretary of EZEMA briefed the media about the incident on Wednesday, February 17, 2020 and indicated that the killing in Bishoftu City, 40 KM east of the capital, is politically motivated and hence, the government should take the responsibility of bringing the perpetrators to the court of Law.

Since the killing took place on the eve of the launch of a nation-wide election campaign, many in the opposition camp suggested that it might affect the ongoing election campaign process.

According to the Chairman of EZEMA, Yeshiwas Assefa, the party firmly believes that the killing is politically motivated and aimed at frustrating other members of the party across the country. He further said “Such kind of incidents will definitely put in question the free and fairness of the election and the promises made by the incumbent to make the upcoming general elections free and fair.”

Deputy leader of the party, Andualem Arage, underscored “Since the government is solely responsible for the killing of our active member, government officials whether at federal or regional level should come out and denounce the killing.” Furthermore, the Deputy Leader emphasized “If the PM is really concerned about the democratic nature and fairness of the upcoming general elections, he needs to come out and tell his cadres to behave.”

For his part, Party secretary, Abebe Akalu recalled the challenges that EZEMA faced in its effort to open offices in different parts of the country, particularly in Oromia region. Despite the challenges, Abebe said “We all are ready to pay any kind of price in our endeavor to pursue our goals.” He added “For us, the death of Girma is the first sacrifice for the upcoming general elections.”

To this end, the party demanded both the federal and regional government take all necessary measures swiftly and bring perpetrators to justice, investigate officials that harassed and intimidated Girma and finally called for officials to denounce the killing in public.