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Federation suspends EPL

Federation suspends EPL

Ethiopian Football Federation decided to temporarily suspend the Ethiopian Premier League (EPL), the counntr’y top flight tournament.

The decision was passed during an emergency meeting held on Wednesday.

Game scheduled to take place during the 27th week of the EPL between Ethiopia Coffee and Mekele 70 Enderta was canceled on grounds of alleged security concerns and the Federation has evaluated its impact during the emergency meeting.

Earlier the Federation decided the game between the two clubs to take place on Friday but has now canceled.

After holding discussions with Premier League participating clubs and other stakeholders the Federation has now given priority to figuring out ways to carry out the league’s tournaments.

The Federation was not explicit enough as to why it decided to suspend the tournament but circumstantial evidence seems to suggest that the decision is informed by alleged security concern.

And the decision has offended fans of some clubs including Fasil City.