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Final week of Copa Coca-Cola tournament to take place in Zeway

Final week of Copa Coca-Cola tournament to take place in Zeway

Coca Cola’s flagship football tournament Copa has reached its last chapter, the Copa national finals tournament. The grassroots tournament has been taking place in seven regional states and two city administrations namely Amhara, Oromia, Southern, Afar, Ethio-Somali, Gambella, Harari, Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa City administration for the past three months.

The tournament held in partnership with the Ethiopia Football Federation (EFF) and Ethiopia Youth and Sports Academy is celebrating its fourth successful season with many talented players coming-out of the previous tournaments.

Coca Cola brand manager for Ethiopia and the Horn, Tigist Getu stated: “We have been learning and growing every year. Our experience and partnership mainly with EFF has grown. As a result we have been able to produce more young stars from the tournament, which lives up to the main purpose of the tournament – which is contribute to Ethiopian football.”

According to Tigist, the tournament will also help the participating youth grow as team players, confident and responsible adults. Starting from grassroots competitions at their schools, these teens go through a series of tournaments that sees to their growth as footballers, at the same time as individuals also.

Copa highly contributes to the growth of participating youth by exposing them to team competitions and proper team play at a young age so that they can grow as professional footballers or confident young adults.

A total of 18 teams; nine boys and nine girls will participate in a week long national tournament. Copa Coca Cola has produced some of the best talents in Ethiopian youth football including women’s football. Aregash Kalsa and Fozia Mohammed who have been recruited from the tournament showed their immense talents in recent matches for the Ethiopian national women’s team.