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Five die, bombs apprehended in Addis Ababa’s demonstration

Five die, bombs apprehended in Addis Ababa’s demonstration

Five people have died due to a clash with the police today, September 17, 2018 amidst a massive demonstration in Addis Ababa where residents of the city took to the streets to protest what was said to be an ethnically charged attack on civilians over the weekend.

According to a statement by the Federal Police Commissioner General Zeinu Jemal, some organized groups in the demonstration tried to snatch firearms from the Police escalating the confrontation and resulting in the death of five protestors.

“One of these organized gangs even snatched a firearm from a police officer,” Zeinu told journalists of the national broadcaster, adding that other officers in the area were compelled to take measures resulting in the killing of five protesters, he added.

In addition, some elements who have managed to infiltrate the demonstration were apprehended with bombs. According to reports, some demonstrators have played the greatest role in apprehending the culprits and reporting to the police which resulted in the subsequent arrest of the alleged criminals.

Regarding the Burayu and surrounding area incident, Zeinu said that it was an intentional move to put a hurdle in front of the current changes in the country.

Some in Addis Ababa have also been paid to destabilize the city and they have been insulting selected ethnic groups, Zeinu added.

The Commissioner also said that the Police are recovering looted properties some of which were stashed in the woods in the area.