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Football experts speaks about World Cup

Football experts speaks about World Cup

A tournament, which started with 32 national teams, is reaching its dramatic conclusion three weeks after the tournaments kick-off. A tournament filled with emotions on either side of the spectrum has reached the quarter final stage with a few matches to go and the winner is decided. The unpredictable nature of the World cup was witnessed as big power-houses like Germany, Spain and Argentina’s world cup dreams came to an abrupt end at the hands of a lower ranked teams.    

It has been three weeks and 58 matches, the quarter finalist of the world cup are known.  A tournament which commenced by 32 national teams now it’s getting down in day to day. It surprise and unpredicted results that Germany knocked out in the group stage since 1938. Spain and Argentina national teams bagged their staff to home too.  Favorites are not there and reversely the less expected nation are advanced to the quarter final like Russia, Croatia and Belgium are remain in Russia.

Teams like France, Uruguay, Brazil and England are the  national teams which isones that are griapping the attention of most fans. The hard to predict 2018 World cup has by far surprised football experts who gave their predictions on who the finalists would be or who would go far in the competition. One prediction that came crushing down was the one given to the defending champions progressing out of the group stage and far in the competition.

For the first time in the history of FIFA World cup, all eligible nations, the 209 FIFA member associations minus the automatically qualified hosts, Russia; applied to enter the qualifying process. A World cup full of new records and new technologies coming into play; football experts accredited by FIFA and journalists have commented over Russia’s preparation and its success.Actually, this World cup is very tough to predict which team will go way to the final. Before, the tournament begins football experts had put their predication by giving priority to defending champion Germany. But, it things has returned in the opposite way.

Although, having a surprising world cup many football experts and journalists around the world and those accredited by FIFA in the 21th edition world cup are commenting over Russia preparation. Its might be the first World cup which is full of new record and using new technology as well.  For the first time in the history of FIFA World cup, all eligible nations the 209 FIFA member associations minus automatically qualified hosts Russia applied to enter qualifying process.

One of experienced football journalist,s Francesc Aguilar from Spain who is worksing for Mundo Deportivo saidmarked that it is an incredible world cup and football is changing. He has attended ten Wworlds Cup tournaments and this world cup one is better for him.  He put his predictsion that Brazil and, Belgium and Colombia will have a chance to be the finalists.

Following the performances of top national teams in the world cup, Aguilar argues that, theose players were  playing many games  at their respective clubs and they did not t get enough time to get ready themselves psychologically.

“For me the best players arrived in the world cup more or less after one hundred matches. Many games were in Spain, England and in the champion’s league. Not only in physical appearance but. They are not even should also be mentally ready,.” he told The Reporter.

According to Aguilar, explanation on round 16 matches between Spain and Russia,” Russians are finished their championship seasons three or four month ago and prepareding every day for the World cup. However, countries like Spain, some of their players arrived in the world cup after seven days and ithis is not only for the Spain’s national team,.” he added.


He also mentions his observation that most teams in this world cup are playing with physical not technical.

Elsewhere, African teams Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Senegal and Nigeria have all been eliminated without passage to the knockout stagesearlier. Even though the African teams had the most exhilarating counter attacking style of play but fell short of progression.

 The three North Africa teams were knocked out before the final group matches while. Only Nigeria and Senegal went into their last group stage game with a chance to qualify with the possibility of knocking out big teams like Argentina and Poland. Particularly, Senegal became the first team in the history of the tournament to be eliminated by FIFA fair play rule. They had accumulated six yellow cards.

Franceces elaborates that the big problem with African football is agent. He believes that “The young players of Africa go to Europe countries because of money and they forget the mentality of nationalism. For example, Moroccan players more or less are born Spain, Portugal, Poland and France and they speak different languages. So, this is very challenging.” He elaborates.

In other side these football experts’ advice that African team better to have African coaches. Senegalese coach and former Aliou Cisse is the only black coach in 2018 world cup tournament.

Regarding the preparation and technology advancement in 2018 FIFA World Cup particularly the Video Assistant Referee (VAR), Aguilar believed that, as football is changing it makes it easier for referees to officiateing matches efficiently.

“I like VAR and the only question for me is to be more quickly on decisions. If they could make it like a ‘yes or no way it will be better,.” Francesc Aguilar told The Reporter.

The 2018 FIFA world Cup is going well in Russia and fans, guests all admiring how Russia is prepared.

Fabio Bianchi of Lagazeete Dello Sport has an experience in attending the Wworld cup since 2002 which was held by Korea and Japan. He is by far impressed with by the organization of Russia, FIFA and Local Organizing Committee (LOC).

“It is a good world cup and the Organization is perfect. I am very impressedsive and the football match is very funny because, unfortunately most of the favorite teams arewere out,.” He told The Reporter.

“Remarkably Argentina’s are out and Messi when he is playing for his national team he was not Messi. He was another guy. I think the pressure is too much on him and the shadow of Diego Mara dDona for him is very bad,.” Fabio added.

Fabio concluded by Germany national team that theyare prepared only for quarter final and semifinal and they were not good for athletic team. They were very slow team.

Regarding Portugal, it could be better to stay until the quarterfinal maximum.  He predicted that Brazil and France will reach to the final.

Elsewhere, Tthe controversy to host Wworld cup is always normal.  When a host country is unveiled by FIFA, several criticisms follows. Media outlets become busy in finding news and investigating various issues. It is to bet was remembered in 2010, in South Africa the news was about Gangsters, in 2014  Brazil World cup, it was Zika Virus and 2018 Russia is violence and racism. 

Mackarov Alexsander is one of a sportsports Journalist in a daily newspaper in Saint Petersburg. He was in the Brazil world cup in 2014. So, he was worried that 2018 World Cup in Russia will not be good.

“We thought world cup in Russia will not be good,. bBecause, fans from other countriesy will not feel comfortable in Russia. But, now we can see that everybody is saying that they are having a good time without any problems and without aggressive fans,.” Alexsander told The Reporter.

He also assertiveconcerning stadium infrastructures every stadiums built in Europe standards and good for fans.  Russia national team just advanced to quarter final and it was surprising result for most of Russians.

“For us it just unexpected result and we had believing that it’s because of our groups are not strong. But, after we beat Spain we understood we can make a change.” Mackarov said.

Robin Tuskin of Kenya’s Standard newspaper sports journalist has been in Russia starting from the opening date. It is his second time to attend in a Wworld cup next to South Africa. According to him, this world cup is going to be very interesting. One interesting thing he observed was thatis all national teams with the exceptions of the poor showing by highly ranked teams; most have are raised their level.

“You cannot say that these are small teams. May be, African teams are not playing very well. But the rest of the teams have really done their best,.” He explained.

Robin also indicates that the level of the stadiums is very comfortable and the transportation is very smooth.

“Initially there were criticisms that may be Russia may not be ready for a world cup. When we wereare coming from Africa we were heard that there is a lot about of violence and racism.  But, I think it has been fantastic so far and even the security and safety of fans are going good,”. He added.

With the unpredictability of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, big national teams like Brazil, France, Belgium and England still remain in the competition; might there be more on the cards for an upset?Meanwhile, alongside giving high prediction for top national team’s even players who could perform better was given for top rivals like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.  But, Kyilian Mbappe of France is getting more attention after the top team’s knockout of the stage.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup wins predication going to Brazil. Brazil is the only international soccer team that could win the world cup ever year.  But, now it is not easily predictable as the teams going tough in every match and France, Belgium and England’s are still on the top.