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Football Federation stages consultation forum

Addis Ababa Football Federation staged a consultation forum with football clubs in the city. Issues related to constraints of the federation, football fans discipline and support for football clubs in the city were top of the agenda.

The clubs have also raised their concerns on lack of training centers and the federation has pledged to work on the issue. After the consultation, the federation went on to award participants of the 13th Addis Ababa City Cup and individuals who have made contribution to the city's football development.

The 13th Addis Ababa City Cup champion, Ethiopian coffee F.C were awarded 405,000 birr, and Bahir Dar, who finished second were awarded 270,000 birr. Jimma Aba Jifar who took third place was also awarded 189,000 birr. Defense also was awarded 108,000 birr.

Other four clubs who did take part in the tournament each have been awarded 81,000 birr. Instructor Sheferaw Eshetu, Getachew Kebede, Coach Said and coach Gizaw and Journalist Nura Emam were among the people who received recognition for their constructive contribution to football on the forum.