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Former Amhara Region PR takes over PM’s Press Secretariat

Former Amhara Region PR takes over PM’s Press Secretariat

Billene remains as department head

The former head of the Amhara Region’s Communications Bureau, Nigussu Tilahun has been appointed by the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) to lead the newly formed Press Secretariat Office of the Prime Minister. PM’s Press Secretariat was formed to replace the defunct Government Communications Affairs Office.

Nigussu was recently assigned to head Amhara Region’s Culture and Tourism Bureau with the rank of deputy president.

“The Press Secretariat was established to provide information to the public and facilitate flow of information between the Office of the Prime Minister and the general public by supplying information about activities in all sectors,” the new head of the Secretariat Nigussu told The Reporter.

This department will also be a bridge between the public and the government managing information flow from the public to the government and vice versa, Nigussu said. It will also work to ensure a better information flow and the public’s access to information which is a right enshrined by the constitution as well as media information access rights.

This, according to Nigussu, will help create a framework for the public to reach a consensus on building peace, democracy and development and building the country’s image in a preferred manner as well as cultivate unity, love and cooperation among Ethiopians resulting in a stronger nation.

Accordingly, the former head of the Secretariat, Billene Seyoum will head a department under the Secretariat: Digital Media and Foreign Languages Affairs.

Aiming to better serve the public, Nigussu observes that he will have a conducive communication with the existing staff and coordinate the staff and work closely with the Prime Minister.

In a meeting Nigussu held with the other members of the Secretariat on Friday, January 4, 2019, he discussed how they will work together in the future and how their future interactions would look like. They also discussed how to capitalize on their strengths and overcome their challenges together.

Although Billene became a department head under the Secretariat, the whole structure of the PM’s Press Secretariat is yet under construction and a full fledge restructuring will be soon announced.

Nigussu sees that he will exploit his experience and relation with the media to better serve the public and ensure access to information.