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GE completes project worth USD 40 mln

General Electric, a multinational company operational in over 150 countries has completed a project worth USD 40 million as part of its partnership with the Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) via its Electricity Transmission System Improvement Turnkey project. This is to help offer electricity across the nation and improve the transmission system in the Southern and South-Western parts of Ethiopia.

“This project will support the overall electrification plans of Ethiopia, provide sustainable power and allow the transmission of reliable power from the interconnected system to demand centers across the country and in the region,” said Wudineh Yemane, Project Manager, Ethiopian Electric Power.  “It will facilitate the implementation of the Universal Electrification Access program as well as Government’s ambition to export energy to Sudan.”

While Ethiopia is building a mega-electric dam worth billions, it still suffers a lack of basic electricity in much of the country making GE the preferred partner of the Ethiopian Electric Power and improve the way it delivers electricity to millions of people.

“This project reinforces GE’s commitment to continuously support the government of Ethiopia in its efforts to upgrade the national grid and achieve its objective of making electricity accessible to all citizens,” said Ethiopian-American Daniel Hailu, who is also GE’s Country Director in Ethiopia. “It will result in increased economic activities and enable Ethiopia to further exploit its energy potential.”


GE is a noted business partner of Ethiopian Airlines, using its GE90 and GEnx engines in some of its planes. The airline also signed a contract valued at almost USD one billion with GE for its engines and maintenance during a business delegation meeting led by Gilbert Kaplan, the Under Secretary of Commerce of the United States at its headquarters and is set to expire in 2028.