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Gov’t receive over 16 mln birr worth donation to fight COVID-19

Ministry of Health has received this week over 16 million Birr worth donation that will help it fight COVID-19 from different quarters.

The non-governmental organization, EngenderHealth, donated personal protective equipment worth over 15 million birr to support the effort in tackling the pandemic.

The equipment are meant to benefit front line health workers and health facilities, across the country.

EngenderHealth Ethiopia Country Representative, Jemal Kassaw said during the handover ceremony that the personal protective equipment will benefit about 6,000 health professionals.

The NGO EngenderHealth has been working in Ethiopia for over 25 years to increase access to family planning services and advancing maternal and child health.

The organization is ready to transport the equipment to the selected health facilities with its own expense, thus becoming exemplary to others partners, it was learned.

The Kuwait NGO Direct Aid has also donated over one million birr worth medical equipment to help fight COVID-19.

Lions Club International Foundation donated half a million birr worth gowns purchased from a local manufacturer. (ENA)

Ministry says preparation underway to begin firearm registration

The government of Ethiopia is making preparations to begin registration of firearms owned by individuals, Minister of Peace, Muferiat Kamil disclosed. 

According to the legislation enacted to control and administer illegal firearms in Ethiopia, those of who own firearms are expected to register their weapons in two years’ time, in order to be legalized.

The ministry has been making efforts to implement the legislation in collaboration with the security forces and other pertinent actors, Muferiat added.

According to her, various mitigating activities are intensified across all borders of the country as illegal flow of weapons is an international crime with wider networks.

Though selling and purchasing of firearms in Ethiopia is illegal, the practice of possessing arms in the country has been increasing, particularly in parts of the country where holding of arms is considered as prestigious.  

Hence, the government of Ethiopia considering the threats of illegal firearms pose to the country, has been taking several measures to mitigate the challenges. (ENA)

Nation completes 2nd Green Legacy program ahead of schedule

Ethiopia has effectively wrapped up this year’s Green Legacy campaign of planting 5 billion seedlings program ahead of the schedule, said Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

Addressing the closing Green Legacy program in the city of Bahir Dar, Abiy said the country has realized the threshold of planting 5 billion seedlings this rainy season.

This year’s Green Legacy campaign was officially launched on June 5, 2020 which aimed at planting 5 billion trees during the main rainy season.

Abiy praised the commitment shown by Ethiopians from all walks of life who came together with the spirit of ownership and belongingness to achieve the Green Legacy campaign ahead of the plan.

Stressing the significance of hard work for nation building, Abiy said Ethiopians should replicate their commitment that showed in Green Legacy for other developmental activities without paying heeds to all unconstructive party lines.

Ethiopians all over the country planted 353 million trees in a single day on July 30, 2019, which is a world record. (ENA)

Authority plans to build over 225,000 km road in 10 years

Ethiopian Roads Authority announced its plans today to construct 225,237 kilometers of road in the coming ten years.

Speaking at a meeting that brought together transport officials and stakeholders, Ethiopian Roads Authority Director-General Habtamu Tegegn said a total of 225,237 kilometers of road would be built across the country in the coming 10 years.

Federal and regional governments would fund the road schemes.

Of the total roads to be constructed, 38,849 kilometers of the road will be constructed by the federal government, he pointed out.

The remaining 63,542 kilometers and 108,791 kilometers will be built by regional governments and woredas, respectively.

The director-general stated that the road construction and development program of the country takes into consideration agriculture, tourism, mines, industrial development, and regional integrations.

In addition to expanding roads in the coming years, the quality of roads will also be given due attention and completing the already started road projects is the other goal of the authority.

The road coverage of Ethiopia has jumped over 100,000 kilometers. (ENA)