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Gov’t shifts Shiferaw from Canada to South Korea
Shiferaw Shigute

Gov’t shifts Shiferaw from Canada to South Korea

After controversysurrounding a differed ambassadorial appointment to Canada, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) has reassigned Shiferaw Shigute, a political heavy-weight and runner up in the most recent EPRDF chairmanship race, to fill an ambassadorial postin South Korea, The Reporterhas learnt.

According to sources, in July 2018, the Ministry was planning to assign Shiferaw to Canada replacing Aster Mamo. In fact, the Ministry issued a letter of appointment to this effect where The Reporter has secureda copy and detailing his appointmentto Canada as an ambassador.

In a letter sent by the Ministry on July 23, 2018 to Department of Foreign Affairs, International Trade & Development of Canada; the Ethiopian government asked the Canadian government to accept the appointment of Shiferaw.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia presents its compliments to the Department of Foreign Affairs, International Trade & Development of Canada and has the honor to inform the latter that the government of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia has nominated Shiferwa Shigute Wolassa as Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia to Canada,” reads the letter.

“The Ministry therefore, appreciates receiving the response of the government of Canada to its request for an agreement at its earliest convenience,” said the Ministry via the same letter communicated to its counterpart in Canada.

Along with the letter, the Ministry has also sent the full resume of Shiferaw.

However, for months, the fate of Shiferaw’s appointment was not known. And the fate of the letter regarding Shferaw’s appointment was not known. In this regard, Global Affairs Canada (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) denied receiving the letter of appointment from the Ethiopian government.

Similarly, there were no official statements, till recently, regarding similar ambassadorial appointments including his.

“Global Affairs Canada has not received a formal agreement request and looks forward to consideration once submitted by the Embassy of Ethiopia as per the normal process,” saidAmy Mills, spokesperson Global Affairs Canada, via an email response to The Reporter

On the other hand The Reporter’s effort to get an explanation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs concerning the government’s decision to change its plan and send Shiferaw to South Korea and the earlier letter written to the Canadian Departmentbore no fruit.

Shiferaw, 50 and a father of six, is among senior politicians within the ruling EPRDF party. Till recently, he was the chairman of the SouthernEthiopian Democratic Movement Party. His latest position was as Minister of Agriculture.

In addition, he was also among the three competitors for the chairmanship of EPRDF along with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) and Debrtesion G. Michale (PhD).