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Habesha to launch non-alcoholic beer

Habesha to launch non-alcoholic beer

The biggest shareholder in Habesha Brewery and one of Holland’s biggest breweries, Bavaria, is set to launch a new non-alcoholic beer in Ethiopia this year, The Reporter has learnt.

The brand, to be named “Negus,” is set to be launched in mere months and complements its signature product that has become one of the leading brands in the market. The new beer is set to be in direct competition with, Meta Abo’s Malta Guinness and Heineken’s Sofi Malt.

The company offered the new product to invited guests in the capital as well as in Washington DC and is convinced it will receive a favorable reception by consumers. Described as “distinguished by its golden color, rich aroma and smooth drinking experience,” the beer is served in all Ethiopian Airlines flights, complementing the Bavaria Beer brand.

Its lone factory remains in Debre Berhan, which has limited its growth to be a national beer that is available in all parts of the country. It currently has approximately 9,000 domestic and international shareholders, and Bavaria remains to be its major shareholder.

The company is known to use sleek popular commercials produced by Sabisa films featuring Betty G. as well as being the main sponsor of Ethiopia Coffee FC.

Habesha is the newest international brand to enter the local beer market. It started distributing its product in summer of 2015, two years after it offered shares and acquiring its brewery in Debre Berhan. It sold more than 200,000 shares before it commenced production. It initially focused in selected markets, including in only Debre Berhan, Adama and the capital.