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Haile-Selassie statue in London vandalized

Haile-Selassie statue in London vandalized

A monument that was erected in honor of Ethiopia’s Emperor Haile-Selassie in the United Kingdom has been destroyed by vandals. Found in a park in the South West of London, in the Wimbledon area, it was said to be erected during the rule of the Emperor.

The monument was destroyed by about 100 people and occurred on Tuesday, the narrative taken from eyewitnesses, according to BBC Amharic.

There has been a growing destruction of monuments around mostly western nations in the midst of the Black Lives Matter movement that has highlighted the wrongs of the past; including slave owners and symbols such as the Confederate flag that endorsed slave trade.

The Emperor continues to be a controversial figure in the world, seen as a saint by Caribbean Rastafarians and an elitist who abused and surpassed his power to control his rule with iron fist by a segment of the Ethiopian society.

The United Kingdom is where most of the surviving members of his clan, including his children moved when he was overthrown and killed at the beginning of the brutal Derg era. He also made London his home during the occupation of Italy in Ethiopia for five years.

Within Ethiopia, there are also been grumbling of removing Italian era naming of major streets, including Piassa and others and even changing the name of Winston Churchill Road to one commemorating local heroes emulating the success of the people struggle that are seen in the United States.

For instance, the Mayor of DC named a street in front of the White House as ‘Black Lives Matter Road’ as a political move to annoy American President, Donald J. Trump, who seems to be against the ideals of the movement. Calling himself “the least racist American”, he stands accused of having little interest in promoting racial harmony and peaceful co-existence as he promotes his fringe right-leaning policies that has helped increase racially and politically motivated attacks across the nation.

The BBC report also highlighted, the Ethiopian Embassy in London has also been attacked following the death of Hachalu Hundessa. The embassy was often seen as a target in the past, with vast demonstration and protests occurring regularly.