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House amends state media proclamations
Lawmakers deliberate on media proclamations

House amends state media proclamations

Passes separate proclamations to re-establish ENA, EPA

The House of People’s Representatives (HPR) has amended two separate proclamations to re-establish the Ethiopian News Service and the Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA) to solve challenges faced in regards to employees’ salaries and benefits.

It is to be recalled that the Ethiopian News Agency was renamed to ‘The Ethiopian News service’ earlier in February, after the House amended the former proclamation.

The Ethiopian News Agency is the official news agency of the Government of Ethiopia. It is the oldest news organization in Ethiopia.

Its inception dates back to 1942 during the imperial regime as “Agence Direcsione”, under what used to be known as the Ministry of Pen.

However, according to the deputy Government Whip Mesfin Cherenet (Amb.), even though the proclamation has been amended recently, it still lacks some clear provisions particularly with regards to employee’s salary as well as the salaries of the Director General and his/her deputy.

Now, the newly amended proclamation allows the management board to decide and implement the salaries of employees which will no longer depend on the federal civil service wage rate and standards.

Similar provisions were also incorporated in the proclamation, proposed for the re-establishment of the Ethiopian Press Agency.

The Ethiopian Press Agency, established in 1940, is a state-run media enterprise operating in Ethiopia. It is the publisher of the Amharic language daily newspaper known as “Addis Zemen.” The enterprise also publishes “The Ethiopian Herald”, a daily newspaper except on Mondays in English. Among its other publications are: “Berissa”- in Affan Oromo; and “Al-Alem”- in Arabic.

The Press Agency proclamation passed with 10 MPs voting against it while another 1o voted in abstention.

Meanwhile, the proclamation to re-establish the Ethiopian News Service has also been passed with nine MPs voting against it while 12 abstained.