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House passes drivers’ licensing proclamation with record high nay vote

On its Tuesday’s regular session, the House of Peoples’ Representatives (HPR) has passed the so called driver licensing draft proclamation with unprecedented number of nay and abstinence votes the EPRDF dominated parliament has ever seen since its establishment.


The proclamation issued to provide for licensing of drivers was approved with 67 against and 30 abstinence votes, The Reporter has learnt. This makes the day’s session a unique and historic one in HPR’s more than two decade (five election periods) of existence.


The major push behind the against and abstinence votes was the provision in the proclamation that obligates anyone seeking to get a driver license to drive a taxi to complete tenth grade, which the members of the parliament took as a major disruption to the current status quo. They also expressed fear that this proclamation will drive out youth that currently hold employments in the taxi business.