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ICS closes its campus

ICS closes its campus

The prestigious International Community School (ICS) of Addis Ababa is closing its doors for more than a month. Parents were forwarded an email announcing the closing of the school, due to the risks associated with it on Friday.

Instead, the school is set to opt for online learning for its students, most from the diplomatic community in the capital.

“COVID-19 Campus Closure. ICS Campus closed 13 March–19 April. Continues online learning begins 25 March. If you have not received an email with the closure details sent on 12 March, please update your email and contact details,” its website announced.

This comes days before Ethiopia was able to declare its first positive test of a Japanese citizen, who had traveled to the nation from Burkina Faso on March 5th and was said to have interacted with dozens of people, whom most have since been quarantined.

"We should avoid meetings and hand contacts," Addis Ababa mayor Takele Uma twitted yesterday afternoon, starting a chain of cancelled events that is expected to be announced in the capital, in the days to come like nations affected by the virus.

Around the capital, most pharmacies and supermarkets have sold out surgical covers and gloves as well as tissue papers. Those with some stock on their shelves are said to have taken advantage of the panic and have increased their prices, according to sources.

So far, almost 5000 people have died as a result and about 132,000 people have been infected in the world. Among those affected is the wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who the later visited Ethiopia last month. The duo has since been quarantined for 14 days. Meanwhile, the French government is set to ban large gathering of more than 100 people in public places to help curb its spread.