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The imperative for cooperation

The imperative for cooperation

Ethiopians know well that united they can do wonders, that they will be accorded respect when they earn global recognition for their country through collaborative efforts. On Monday July 29, 2019 news that Ethiopians from all corners of the nation turned out in droves and accomplished an unprecedented feat in the number of seedlings planted in a single day reverberated around the world. History is replete with instances demonstrating that nothing can stop Ethiopians when they stand as one for a good cause. The present generation too has left a mark that will be remembered with pride in the annals of history. But this achievement is marred when they allow ethnic, religious and ideological differences to trigger strife which jeopardize national unity. Peddling a divisive rhetoric aimed at fueling internecine conflicts even as it’s possible to bring off great deeds through a genuine show of solidarity is sure to exact a heavy toll. On the contrary securing a better future for Ethiopia by working together towards a common goal leaves behind a proud legacy. If Ethiopia is to continue function as a cohesive polity its people and leaders have no choice but to cooperate. Failure to stand united is bound to have dire consequences.

The fact that over 353 million seedlings were planted in a single day does not only shatter the previous world record, but also contributes in no small measure to the international endeavor to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change and air pollution on the planet and all forms of life alike. As we are seen acting as one for the common good our neighbors will place greater trust in us and extend a hand of cooperation. Aside from increasing greening Ethiopia the afforestation campaign underway on a nationwide scale should help put paid to the hatred and extremism that had been implanted in the minds of the people as well as serve as a clarion call for national unity and a reminder that what Ethiopia requires from its children is mutual cooperation, not incessant feuding, animosity and distrust.If Ethiopians restore trust within each other, they will be able to forge a deeper bond. This in turn inspires hope. Such is what Ethiopia very much needs at this critical juncture in its history.

For Ethiopians who have valiantly defended for centuries their country against aggressors and expansionists Ethiopia has always been much more than about themselves. They managed to accommodate their differences and survive from one generation to another thanks to the shared values they forged as citizens of a beloved nation. Foremost among their long list of proud accomplishments is the defeat of a vastly better-equipped European colonialist force at Adowa in 1896.The feat shocked Europeans into hanging their head in shame while it enabled Ethiopians and other people living under oppression to hold their heads proudly high.The victory was a beacon of hope for all black people. It further inspired the Pan-African movement. Needless to say it was achieved through the selfless cooperation and sacrifice of all Ethiopians. The emulation by the present generation of a sense of togetherness which helped it earn global accolade reaffirms that nothing is more instrumental than cooperation in ensuring the nation’s restoration to its former glory.

From now on wards Ethiopians should not count enanceany and all incitement to hatred and violence; they must say no to killings, displacements, robberies and vandalisms. The prominent coverage major news outlets gave to the shocking fact that Ethiopia hosted more internally displaced persons than war-torn Syria and Yemen, albeit briefly, ought to incense all Ethiopians who love their country. In a country blessed with proud and accomplished citizens capable of pulling off monumental achievements those who do not care an iota about the welfare of Ethiopia and fellow citizens should not be given a chance to wreak havoc.At a time Ethiopia is on a knife’s edge it’s vitally important to facilitate the free flow of useful ideas irrespective of who espouses them and to evince a willingness to begin the process of holding frank discussions and negotiations in order to deepen the trust between communities. Narrow ethno nationalists may succeed at destabilizing a nation by preventing intercommunal trust and a culture of discourse from taking root. As peace, democracy and prosperity are unthinkable without cooperation utmost priority has to be given to engaging every segment of society in a constructive dialogue.

Ethiopia’s universally applauded green legacy campaign needs to be sustainable. Constant care and monitoring is of the essence to see to it that the billions of seedlings which are being planted all over the country actually grow into full-fledged trees. It is incumbent on all Ethiopians to contribute their share in seeing to it that the campaign is a success, including abandoning detrimental attitudes and practices. Going forward every Ethiopian owes an obligation to leave his/her mark in greening Ethiopia, extricating fellow citizens from the clutches of poverty and backwardness, securing the country’s rightful place on the global stage, and be queathing to succeeding generations a nation that they proudly belong to. Elements bent on sowing ethnic division to foment senseless slaughter, displacement, daylight robbery and devastation better desist from their vile acts. Ethiopia may hold its head high in dignity insofar as it becomes peaceful, democratic, just and prosperous. Ethiopians have demonstrated in deeds that nothing is beyond them, that they can steer their country away from destruction and on to the path to growth when they have a unity of purpose. There is be no disputing that the surest way Ethiopia can overcome the grave challenges facing it currently is through cooperation.