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An informed mind instrumental in extricating nation from quagmire!

An informed mind instrumental in extricating nation from quagmire!

A surefire way of extricating Ethiopia from the centuries-old quagmire it’s mired in is to develop a set of thinking befitting the times and is anchored in the national interest. Shaped by rapid advances in knowledge, innovation and technology contemporary thinking is centered on the welfare of human beings. A participatory democracy which does not discriminate between citizens on the bias of ethnic, religious, cultural, political or other differences may be realized inEthiopiaby inculcating a mentality that accords the utmost respect to the human dignity of all Ethiopians. Such progressive thinking, which isgrounded in rational thought, plays a key role in assuring peace, democracy and prosperity as it does not countenance injustice, suppression, tribalism, corruption and negativity. Ethiopia sorely misses such mature mentality. Consequently, it has been forced to undergo a slew of humiliating experiences that have harmed its honor and standing.  It’s time that Ethiopians extricate themselves from this quagmire.

Although Ethiopia may be synonymous with conflict, poverty and backwardness despite being the cradle of mankind and a great civilization once, there is no reason it cannot regain its former glory and soar to greater heights. Even if is beset with intermittent  internecine clashes which are attributable to the toxic environment in which its politics is conducted, the history of its people demonstrates that it is capable of pulling itself up by its bootstraps no matter what. Ethiopians have a long tradition of coexisting in peace, love and solidarity. They have doused out time and again the embers of conflict and maintained their unity. There is no obstacle the people cannot surmount with the instrumentality of indigenous knowledge, shared values and a mature mentality. As a nation confronted with a plethora of testing challenges it has no choice but to set aside minor differences and focus on the bigger picture so as to find a durable solution.

Washing off one’s hands stained with the blood of fellow citizens and inciting another round of violence is bound to set the perpetrators on a collision course with the public. No one can fool the public or hide from it any crime that one thinks will remain a secret.It’s of the essence to build on past accomplishments and make history that future generations will be proud of as is closing sad chapters forever instead of using them to avenge real or perceived affronts. In this day and age when information is available at one’s fingertips thanks to the omnipresence of social media goading the youth into resorting to violence rather than empowering them ought to be roundly condemned. Any practice which is beneath Ethiopia and threatens to derail the change underway needs to be done away immediately.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) affirmed in a discussion he had with university lecturers that one of his priorities for the next couple of years is to guarantee that the 2020 general elections are free and fair so that the people are ruled by a government they installed in office. The fact that the premier’s announcement elicited a standing ovation speaks volumes. It points to the imperativeto abandon sham elections and chart a course that enables citizens to fully exercise their rights. It’s also indicative of the public’s yearning for change, for growth, for renaissance. If this aspiration is to be realized any and all impediments must be systematically removed. There is no use dwelling over trivial things while issues of vital national interest are relegated to the back.

Ethiopia may be transformed through rational thinking informed by realities on the ground, not euphoria or impulsiveness. This ensures the prevalence of transparency and accountability in the conduct of government affairs; helps avoid mistakes as well as encourage commendable achievements and innovations. Individuals prodded by emotive narratives either lack facts or perceptiveness. The hate-filled and spiteful forces behind them have no qualms about fomenting unrest to further their evil agenda. Sacrificing the national interest on the altar of personal gain is a lose-lose proposition. It’s therefore incumbent on all, particularly influencers like intellectuals, to wise up to the danger and do whatever is necessary. Standing on the sidelines and musing where the country is headed is the lesser of the “evil” to the actual perpetration of destructive acts.

The barrage of grievances being voiced in Ethiopia is interminable. Though a certain community or ethnic group may feel that it has been persecuted more than anyone else, it needs to understand that others have been subjected to egregious injustices. Steering along a path that takes one away from the change he wants to see is akin to trying to move forward while taking a step backwards. The times we are in call for all citizens to deliberate, with a level head, on what, when and how they can contribute their fair share to the stability and prosperity of Ethiopia. Needless to say this cannot be come true without access to complete, accurate and up-to-date information. Such access is also critically important in enabling the public to make an informed decision on any matter and as such is a pillar of the democratization process. That is precisely why an informed mind is said to be the single most important factor in extricating Ethiopia from the quagmire of poverty and political intrigue.