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Israeli surgeons saving lives in Ethiopia
Israeli doctors taking part in medical care in Ethiopia

Israeli surgeons saving lives in Ethiopia

Save a Child’s Heart (SACH), an Israeli based International charity founded in 1995,has brought 30 heart surgeons from Tel Aviv last week, to take part in open heart surgeries with in the Cardiac Center of the Black Lion Hospital.

A week-long effort, and an initiative of the Wolfs on Medical Center and is working in partnership with Ethiopian surgeon, Yayehyirad Mekonnen Ejigu, an Israeli trained medical doctor.

“SACH seeks to mend the hearts of children around the world without regard to race, religion, and gender or nationality,”said Simon Fisher, the Executive Director of Save a Children's Heart. “With Mission Ethiopia, we have put in place the critically needed training to provide high-level pediatric cardiac care in the operation room, and cardiology clinic along with a pediatric ICU team working together to preform medical procedure and diagnosis on children’s in need.”

The team conducted 40 screenings on more than 100 children, including those needing expensive and emergency open heart surgery procedures. In addition, it offered comprehensive training to doctors and nurses, as part of its mission to offer knowledge transfer in developing nations, which according to the group, would: “Lead to surgical and teaching missions to partner countries.”

The group, along with its association with Ethiopia, is operational in 61 nations and has so far trained more than 120 medical professionals around the world.This afternoon, the Israeli group is set to join an array of guests, including former patients and a slew of dignitaries, as it marks its 25th anniversary in Ethiopia inside the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

The group, in a statement said that:“The open-heart surgeries and catheterization being carried out daily are free and is made possible through a partnership between Israeli's Save a Child’s Heart and the Children’s Heart Fund of Ethiopia. Global Healthcare Company,Abbott, has partnered with SACH on the Little Heroes campaign to treat defects in the hearts of babies and children, providing funding and medical devices to aid in procedures during the mission.”

The group will conclude its visit to Ethiopia tomorrow.