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Just stop complaining!

The best strategy to avoid responsibility and blame is to make sure to find somebody else to blame. We all do it. The extent might differ, though. The blame game is totally useless, and in my view, only reinforces the problem because both sides avoid looking into themselves and their contributions to the problem and fail from finding a real solution to it. In the blame game, it does not matter whether one of them is right. The one who wins is the one with more resources, with more power, and with more ability to convincingly blame the other party.

One of the things that I completely disagree with many people is their stands towards the economic exploitations that Europeans have made in the African continent or elsewhere in the developing world. Also, I usually don’t like to listen when people complain about the indirect economic or political exploitations that the US is said to have on our country and the rest of Africa. Yes, true that Europeans have made it their right to split and exploit Africa just like people would split something they rightfully own. And true that the US may use every means possible, even if that means manipulating a sovereign country’s political or economic policies for its own advantages. Honestly, these things don’t surprise me much. What surprises me is how most people never ask why these western countries have made it their rights to manipulate less developed economies to their own advantages. For me, the only reason is because we have let them! No further explanation.

As far as I know, people who are confident, have economic power, are strong enough in their stands to defeat all those that try to impose things on them do not let themselves be bullied by others. Why don’t I never hear Africans argue that, if we are at the mercy of western countries for our economic sustenance or our political freedom, it is because we are economically weak, our governance systems are plagued with corruption, we lack unity, and our leaders do not love their countries as much as they love themselves? Do you think that if we were economically strong and worked day and night like donkeys to assure our economic independence from piling up foreign aid and debt, if we were able to stand for the rights we have as sovereign countries, if we had leaders that are free from corruption and love of eternal power, and if we loved our fellow countrymen enough without any regard to differences in religion and ethnicity, there would be room for the western world to exploit our sovereign nations? I do not believe so. For me, it’s just human nature to exploit the weakness of others for one’s own advantages. Anybody will do it, particularly if given the right to do so. I do not think this is a characteristic that is typical only to the western world.

My point is, let’s stop complaining about how the western world is putting pressures on us, and let’s thinking critically as to why this is happening. For me, the problem is internal, and not external. Particularly for those who like to complain about what Europeans have done decades ago to create ethnic divides within African countries, I would say that that is history, and cannot be changed. The key question is, what have the current leaders of these countries done today to eliminate the effects of history? Are they reinforcing it, or working against it? I think you know the answer. What are we doing today to free ourselves from the never aiding flow of foreign aid and debt, which by the way always comes with some preconditions? Are we begging for some more aid and debt, or working towards building our internal economic strength? I will tell you that as long as our doors are open for more debt and aid, the western world will give it to us with wide open arms because it benefits them more it benefits us. Let’s just stop complaining about them, and start complaining about our own weaknesses!

Contributed by Tsion Taye
Contributed by Tsion Taye