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Key institutions get new appointments

Ethiopian joins public enterprise administration agency

Following the newly enforced restructurings of government institutions under the executive branch, appointments of officials by the Prime Minister continues to reach key institutions.

The latest appointment includes the “commissioner role” the PM Abiy awarded to the former General Manager of the Kality Custom Branch to head the Custom Commission which was split from the Ministry of Revenue formerly known as Ethiopian Revenue and Custom Authority (ERCA).

According to the information given to The Reporter by a senior official in the ministry; the newly prepared draft bill intended for the establishment of Custom Commission has already been sent to the Office of the Prime Minister. Hence, the draft bill is also expected to be tabled before the Council Of Ministers (CoM) shortly.

According to the official, the Ministry [of Revenue] is currently undertaking the necessary activities to unveil the would-be-Custom Commission next week once the council of the commission gets the draft bill approved.

Once the bill is endorsed by the CoM, the Commission can be officially established without the need of further endorsement by the House of Peoples’ Representatives. However, according to the new proclamation–Definition of Powers and Duties of the Executive Organs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Proclamation [No.1097/2018]–endorsed two weeks ago; the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers have the power to establish and/or restructure any offices without looking for the approval of the legislative body.

Similarly, Beyene Gebre-meskel who was State Minister of the former Ministry of Public Enterprise (MoPE) was also appointed as Director General of the newly restructured Public Enterprises Administration Agency from the former Ministry of Public Enterprises.

Beyene has had a long management experience in the country’s public enterprises. He has been the Director of the former Privatization and Public Enterprises Supervision Agency (PEPSA) until the agency was renamed to Ministry of Public Enterprise in 2013. He has served in the ministry with a rank of a State Minister until Mid-October before the Ministry was restructured to its former status of an Agency.

In the meantime, Habtamu Hailemikael–a top official from Oromia Regional State— was also appointed as a deputy to Beyene [Deputy Director General].

In related news, according to the newly appointed Minister of Transport, Dagmawit Moges, the 70 year old national flag carrier–Ethiopian– is no longer accountable to the her ministry, and is turned over to the newly restructured Public Enterprises Administration Agency.

According to the Minister, the number of key institutions under her ministry declined from 11 to 10 which includes the Ethiopian Road Authority (ERA), Federal Transport Authority (FTA), Ethiopian Toll Roads Enterprise, Road Fund Office, Road Fund Administration, Civil Aviation Authority, Maritime Affairs Authority (MAA), Ethiopian Railway Corporations (ERC), Ethio-Djibouti Railway S.C as well as Public Service Employees Transport Service Organization.