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Local Entrepreneur to head Philippines Consulate in Addis
Tewodros Sheferaw

Local Entrepreneur to head Philippines Consulate in Addis

Local Entrepreneur Tewodros Sheferaw has been selected as an Honorary Consulate of the Republic of the Philippines to Ethiopia.

The appointment of the well-connected businessperson – the owner of Nahoo TV, Rosita real-estate and a major exporter– is seen as the groundwork to open a fully functioning embassy in Ethiopia for its commercial interests and to represent the estimated 800 Philippine citizens working within the country.

This comes as both Ethiopia and the Philippines are looking to expand their bilateral relationship in areas of trade, medical tourism and the expanding industrial parks operating in the country.

“After a thorough background check and because of my time living in South Asia and my interest, as a student and a business person; I was selected to represent the interest of the Philippines in Ethiopia,” Tewodros told The Reporter. “The new consulate will facilitate almost all of the core services of the embassy, including student visas and delegation visits.”

Ethiopia, with its drive to be an industrialized nation, has looked at the experiences of others including the lived experiences of the Asian nation.

There has been a minimal diplomatic relationship, however small between both nations. Its diplomatic office in Cairo has also been representing its interest in Ethiopia. The duo announced the signing of an Air Services agreement last year allowing Ethiopian Airlines to fly to Manila, as well as promise to build a bilateral consultation mechanism.

The trade between both is estimated to be around USD 20 million and the major imports to Ethiopia are in areas of millstones and grindstones used for milling and pulping while Ethiopia exports leather products and kidney beans. 

According to Tewodros, the new consulate which will be located inside the Rosita building in Bole and is expected to be opened on January 15.