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Loza shines in Malta League
Loza Abera plays in the Maltese Women’s Premier League

Loza shines in Malta League

Loza, who has joined the Malta based Football Club, Birkirkara on a one year contract a couple of months ago, is making history once again pushing her dream and international football career a step further. On December 11, 2019 many media outlets were busy reporting about the Ethiopian goal prodigy.

Having a knack for goals, it is to be recalled that back in Ethiopia Loza was able to score nine goals in a single match. And last Tuesday, she had scored a hat trick in their 8-1 win against the Raiders, quickly following it up with a 17-0 thrashing of Hibernians, where she was able to score seven goals.

Since she signed with Birkirkara, Loza has netted 17 goals playing in only seven games. Her spectacular performance guaranteed the three points to lead the league and her place on top the goal scorers list.

The 2016 top ten influential Ethiopian Women of the year and last year’s best player of the year, Loza, started playing football at the age of six with her love for football growing with each season passed.

In 2012, she started her club career for Hawassa City, before moving on to join Dedebit FC two years later. It is to be recalled that she had joined Adama City before moving to the Maltese side, Birkikara FC.