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Manhunt for Hachalu’s killer afoot

Manhunt for Hachalu’s killer afoot

Attorney General Adanech Abiebie said that there are now two suspects – Tilahun Yami and Abdi Alemayehu – under custody for the killing of Hachalu Hundessa. However, she added, there are more suspects that have yet to be apprehended.

“The actual shooter is Tilahun Yami, who admitted to the crime and is now held in custody and Kebede Gemechu, another participant is yet to be apprehended,” she told a hastily arranged press conference held in her office yesterday afternoon.

In addition, she said, the killers were contracted by a faction of the Oromo Liberation Front a.k.a. OLF-Sehne and were allegedly told by their contractors that they and the general Oromo population would benefit from the killing of the legendary artiste.

Hachalu was burried in Ambo, Oromia Regional State last week with thousands of people in attendance breaking the COVID-19 protocol. In the midst of the frenzy, his uncle was killed and his mother injured from a bomb thrown as his families mourned his death.

Imprisoned as a political-prisoner-of-conscience as a teenager for more than five years, he remains an important figure in the current political struggles of the nation. The father of three, including a one month old toddler, he used his voice to sing consious music despite risks assoicated to his political advocacy, specifically the pre-Abiy era.

His friends described him as one who invested much of his capital to the Oromo struggle, even returning to Ethiopia in 2013, one of the very few, when most of his contemporaries became political refugees in the United States to show his dedication to the political struggles of the day.

As tribute to his artistic and political impact, there are now concentrated efforts to financially support his surviving family members, led by Addis Ababa Deputy Mayor Takele Uma (Eng.) and others involving local and diaspora participants. There has been a wall-to-wall coverage of his biographies since his death was announced almost two weeks ago near the Gelan condominium compound.

Upon his death, there are been dozens of people killed, many more attacked, ample buildings and properties torched internet in much of the country remains blocked. In addition, leading political figures, such as Jawar Mohammed remains in custody.