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Mass protest hits Bahir Dar

Conditions turn sour in Central Gondar

Bahir Dar, the capital city of the Amhara Regional State, saw a rare mass protest in recent times where police had to use teargas to disperse protestors, The Reporter has learnt.

The protest took place on Tuesday 8, 2019, where at least hundreds of protestors went to the streets of Bahir Dar chanting slogans.

It happened outside a Court House, where protestors demanded for the regional government to release some former officials of the region who are in prison, in suspicions of their involvement in the June 22 killings of the president of the region, Ambachew Mekonne (PhD) and his two comrades.

According to an eyewitness, the protest began around 10 am and lasted for one hour following the intervention by the regional police. The police used teargas to stop the protest. The eyewitness also said that at least 400 people participated in the protest.

According to Amhara Mass Media, a TV station run by the regional state, it has been 64 days since the suspects have been detained and so far, they have not been charged.

The protestors demanded for their release and accused the government “of hiding the truth behind the June 22’s killing”.

It can be recalled that the June 22’s killings were instigated after a failed coup attempt orchestrated by Asamnew Tsige (Brigadier Gen.), the then head of the region’s security.

In related news, dozens of civilians and security officers have lost their lives following a clash in Central Gondar. So far, the federal government has said nothing about the incident and has failed to disclose the details involving the matter.

“There were lives lost and properties damaged,” Agegnehu Teshager, head of the region’s security, told Amhara Mass Media.

The clash, however, is related to issues regarding a quest for self-administration by the Qimant community under Amhara regional state.

Following the clash in the villages of Central Gondar, there were other clashes reported in Gondar city as well.