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Ministry briefs international community on current incidents

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs told the international community on Tuesday that the security crisis that surfaced following the killing of the iconic singer is now under control and things are getting back to normalcy.

Speaking to the Media, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Dina Mufti noted various parts of the country was consumed by unrest and property damage following the killing of the iconic singer Hachalu Hundessa,  and now the situation has returned back to normal.

The government reacted in a responsible manner in capturing and bringing forward those involved in the violence to stand before the law in line with the country’s law. Justice will be served in transparent fashion by observing the human rights of the suspects.

“Internet connection will come back again in shorter time, and the pertinent stakes are working to avail the service in more efficient ways.”

Ambassadors of Guinea, South Africa, Spain and Great Britain expressed their condolences and solidarity for the family of Hacchalu. (The Ethiopian Herald)

Ministry accentuates digital transformation significance

Ministry of Science and Technology called on all public and private development partners and stakeholders to consolidate efforts to translate Nation Digital Transformation strategy into practical actions.

In an exclusive interview with The Ethiopian Herald Khalid Ahmed (PhD) Digital Transformation Consultant and chief Advisory with the Ministry said that the nation had better develop national digital transformation plan to ensure and build digital economy through all stakeholders’ real engagement that potentially lead to realize digital transformation in Ethiopia.

He noted that the Strategy could help pave the way to ensure efficiency in an accelerated tempo which in turn enables the nation to penetrate the international market and science technology platforms than ever before. The ministry had mapped all pertinent stakeholders and is working to avail all physical infrastructure and legal framework.

According to Khaid, national Digital Transformation strategy was ratified and the first phase of its implementation is finalized. Efforts are also underway in cascading the strategy as per institutions’ services and engagements. (The Ethiopian Herald)

Faris set to process satellite images

Faris Technology Institute announced that it has finalized preparations to process satellite images that are obtained ETRSS and is awaiting order to provide the information based on the interest and time table of organizations.

The company has recently signed MoU with Ethiopian Space science Technology Institute to work together on satellite image processing, development of satellite and rocket, resource mobilization, technology transfer and capacity building.

Faris is working to process ETRSS’s raw data and provide it to the intended government and private organizations including Ministr4ies of Agriculture, Mines, and Foreign Affairs among others, Elias Said.

The company has given the needed training to its professionals about the image processing system this also help to speed up the works and creating jobs, he mentioned.

The company has also organized laboratories, Elias noted. As to him, the satellite image is important for income generation by providing it to the international market.

“We will work to commercialize the satellite information to countries.” (The Ethiopian Herald)

Mob causes property damage in Batu

Following the death of iconic artist Hachalu Hundessa, more than 125 residential houses and hotels have been damaged in Batu (Ziway), Town Administration said. Some 83 suspects have also been apprehended.

Town Mayor Alemu Dewana told the Amharic Daily Addis Zemen that following the assassination of artist Hachalu, a mob got in to the town and caused widespread property damage.

The destruction occurred on businesses, residential houses, hotels and vehicles. Besides, one loss of life was also registered.

The police and city administration couldn’t immediately control the situation as it occurred during midnight. As a result, 125 residential houses, 24 hotels and several businesses were set on fire and destructed.

“We haven’t experienced such kind of huge gatherings that enter the city from all cornes for destruction. The incident has resulted in significant economic loss not only locally but also nationally,” Alemu said.

Ensuring rule of law will be major agenda of the city from now on, Alemu said. (The Ethiopian Herald)